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  1. may i know what item you use for right grey floor?
  2. Welcome to Malaysia National Day celebration 2009. Wau Bulan, the Star wand door handle and the hibiscus flowers symbolize of Malaysia. This year has been 35 anniversaries establishing diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China, China has given Panda family as a gift for play with everybody. We hope our guest love the Unicorn‘s piano performance and enjoy the nyonya food and drinks. The Magic bunny wishes that everybody has pleasantly surprised and magical vacation besides accompanying everybody have fun.
  3. Welcome to our lodge playground. Ps birthday celebration welcome our Mayor.
  4. opps, not enough post to entry nvm, i try my best to get it. 8)
  5. coolgo


    very fun. :biggrin: :
  6. coolgo


    yes, i like the movie room too. ^^
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