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  1. I'm not thrilled w/ the new items either. The wallpaper and floor is nice tho and I like the blue wig. Guess I'll save my money to try and get the cat from Egypt..
  2. Boohoo...I've have tried so hard to get the Cat, only one I'm missing. I relly like the Egypt theme, it's not "pink" yeah
  3. Thank you for all the Birthday wishes...am have a wonderful day, not doing a darn thing..lol
  4. hehe...had to have Sarah help but she did it wrong and I got it on my own
  5. I do like the sunset wallpaper...very pretty.
  6. everybody is entitled to their own opion sweetie ...I'm not too fussed on the wedding theme either ... I'm not too thrilled w/ new items either....oh well, will be something different next week.
  7. I'm with you...I love the wig!!
  8. LoriE

    New Game in Town

    I've started playing the My Empire game..I like it for something a bit different. If anyone plays and needs more neighbors please feel free to add me, I could sure use more. I'll have to ck out the others you're talking about too.
  9. LoriE

    Need neighbours

    Hi all, Kasi they have added more levels in Farmtown if you haven't checked it out in awhile. Plus you can make $$ from animals, which I thought was nice. If anyone needs another neighbor just send a friend request to me. Always helps to have extra neighbors.
  10. Wow..just stumbled into here. Love seeing some of the other games in the forums...especially for us FB games jumkies...lol. I can't get inot my Pet Society at present so was just checking around on the forums. Figure they are working on it again...seems to be down more lately. And I agree w/ you Pink, it would be nice to trade or gift items.
  11. Sarah..my little techy..has figured it out and it was something so simple we both feel stupid..lol
  12. Wondering if anyone can answer this question. I don't seem to get the feed from my pet society people on my news feed in facebook. Therefore, I got hardly any of the roses and now I'm not seeing the updates for the easter eggs. Sarah said she has had this same problem too. Anyone have a answer we can try. And I also checked to make sure I didn't have ppl in my hide list already. I don't have this problem w/ any of my other games that I have noticed. Any ideas would be really appreciated.
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