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  1. don't make you a bad person ,which I didn't sometimes Well mate theres no chance of that happening lol Another nice pint is snecklifter !!!
  2. some caustic soda mate fetches it all off in about 15 seconds and i mean fetches it off.... no need to rub scrub or anything
  3. nice one mate, excuse my ignorance but is there a reason you are trying to lose the weight mate ?? or just cos you want to do it .. great job anyway, how you manageing to do it ??? diet , ?? fitness ?? cheers
  4. can i just say (to be different) Dave is a cnut and deserves everything he gets lol
  5. hi guys and gals, has anyone got any stuff hanging around that they looking at selling for a 1200 mk 1 ?? pm me what you have of any use and how much you want for it and will see if i want it looking at stuff like seat or cover clocks or clock surrounds tank and any plastics maybe other stuff that i cant think of just yet thanks guys
  6. you got a picture of the seat cover mate ???
  7. Had a good blast, just walked back in thanks for the hospitality and was great to meet up with you guys .. heres to next time Flinty
  8. Yeah right theres no way you would fit that on his pecker pmsl (sorry i get what you mean ) it reads PIG !!! lol
  9. [/quote]nice 1 she will be in for a surprise then [/quote] well yeah i guess when i get in bed with her tonight lol !!!!
  10. Well not a good time to contemplate suicide mate ( oh sorry you meant you have a real pig) lol.... that will teach you for looking at my missus naked No worries mate, but seeing as i told her you were looking at her naked , tomorrow may get a little uncomfortable for you , she wants to see if your packing enough downstairs to make it worth her while pmsl !!! i told her you were hung like a racing sparrow though so she not got high expectations matey
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