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  1. Dont know why but the internet keeps coming on now and then even though because we are in the middle of moving house it should be cut off. If i ignore any of you its not on purpose its the net (honest Very Happy)
    In our new house we have a conservatory its an old one with tiled floor but it has a double door to get into it so i have decided he can keep his project in there and work on it in comfort. Am im mad Shocked

  2. Just a few of the Katanas and other bikes that we met up with yesterday
    This is my mates bike he has just given it a good blinging looking well nice

    This is my hubby talking to one of our mates that has come down from Scotland
    Great day but it was bloody cold

  3. [img][/img]

    He has probs with the carbs if your on oss there is a thread about it unfortunately he is struggling he has said the carb has been stripped, cleaned & pilot jet swapped. All choke & pilot routes clean & clear but cylinder 2 is still crap Sad

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