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  1. admit to knowing me and I wont tell any one about you knowing the welsh t**t
  2. ...and the fact you're a pussy jeezuz a voice from the past ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,is that the world famous mick ?
  3. hitting the limiter a few times on the blackbird ,,,,,,,,it was so easy ,thats why I got shut
  4. the kids school has been closed for three days now and all he has done is look through the window,,do you think I should let the little shit in ?
  5. must have had a lighter person on it then hahaha awesome crazy run out of felt tips have we ? just amazing ,crazy awesome 30 mph to matlock
  6. go for the gel ones the one on my blackbird was 10 years old and still good
  7. john player specials,,,,,,,,,,,had my lambretta sprayed just like the lotus f1 cars ,,,,,,,,,,,,,made it at least 20mph faster probably
  8. joined under a name face book has,nt banned yet
  9. peace on earth and goodwill to all men or 10 bottles of baileys and then I wont give a sh*t about anything
  10. over the back wheel would be best I think
  11. the second pair ,,they make you look a bit like alan carr
  12. read about that in the guardian yer a top bloke
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