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  1. Enjoyed looking through them pictures, looked a good do...thanks for sharing them
  2. Nice one Les They are pretty stable to at that speed. On my old GPZ 500 when you got to a ton the front end felt too light as if it was off the floor, not a nice feeling
  3. LMFAO I'm gonna lose a few pounds and change the sprockets, might make 145 then lol
  4. Forgot to add, Not bad either considering the Bandit only has 5 gears, unlike the VFR had 6...I still miss that 6th gear tho if I'm to be honest
  5. Cheers Rob Yeah I thought that maybe the case between a faired and unfaired. Not bad then for a 17 stone lard ass lol....Anyway I'm gonna have a word with him if he blasts off again I'll catch him up later cos the fuel go's nowhere when you give it some right fist
  6. Was out for a short blast with a m8 last Wednesday evening. He don't get out much nowadays unlike me who uses the bike everyday. Anyway he was off like the preverables up the By-Pass on his Yammy ThunderAce. I wasn't far behind him and in the short distance from the roundabout to the lights I looked down at my clock and she was bang on 140mph ... So got me thinking whats the top end on the mk1's guess it's not far off as my throttle wouldn't open anymore and I weigh in at 111 kilos Ohh and before anybody say's anything about the speed, it was the right time and place...was quiet and no traffic on the stretch we was on
  7. The bint on the comercial for Tesco doe's me head in
  8. Okdokie...thanks m8 for the link...will check them out now
  9. That's very true m8 and after the advise from Trebor a cpl week back now we tested that they where sucking instead of blowing {ohhh Davina MaColl} I never replaced the one that blew off the other week when the engine coughed and blew the fecker off. Yesterday my make do cap which was a piece of pipe somehow perished so yet again she started to tick over rough. So seeing as my bike is running spot on now I need new caps to finish the job
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