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  1. autoglm is a very good and expensive polish lol if you think Autoglym is expensive you would shit at the price of my stuff! Hutchy, i am going to do gregs ZX soon, so will post pics of that when i am done!
  2. this is what i use wash stage its the Dodo Juice 'Born To Be Mild' shampoo clicky clicky! using the 2 bucket method. DodoJuice Claybar Click me! with DodJuice Born Slippy clay lube CLick me! for the polish its DodoJuice Lime Prime Lite click me again! and for the final stage, the wax! now Dodjuice do a hardwax or a soft wax, i use the softwax and hand wax.(its very therapeutic! they also do waxs that are better sutied to a certain shade on your vehicle, i use Light Fantasic soft Wax which is more for light colored car (or bikes!) i should be using the Dodo Juice Orange Crush which is for warm colored paints, but at the mo i will stick with the one i have as its give FANTASTIC results! and dont forget that polishes polish and waxes protect! I also use a detail spray for a quick going over now and again the DodoJuice Red Mist tropical you know what to do! ok its expensive but the results are worth it! and dont forget to use a clean microfibre cloth for polishing off, turning regularly!
  3. Hi all I dont jump on the charity bandwagon very often and when i do its normally animal related but in this case i will. Fallen Bikers is non-profitable charitable organization whose aim is to support motorcyclists and their families who have been involved in serious road accidents. I know its a subject that we try not to think about very much, but its for a very good cause. http://www.fallenbikers.co.uk/ cheers
  4. I have a 01 RSV, the engines are pretty much bullet proof, couple of things to watch out for, Starter Sprag (only on really early ones, and not too much of a issue if you keep a Optimate connected when not used) and a large brown connector at the voltage regulator likes to melt causing voltage problems (this happens on Tuonos as well) really easy fix, cut the connector out and resolder the wires. the RSV is a tall bike, so if your a shortarse you might have problems getting on it....like me! but its totally mental! have you looked at KTM's offerings? Superduke or the 950 or 990 Supermoto?
  5. yea im dystlexick dude.......thanks all yaa..ok then i will let you off!
  6. last time i saw spelling that bad, it was on a Impreza forum... glad your ok though
  7. and thats the sort i will be if/when i get into the force!
  8. thats ok, i dont mind a good nerding! hang on...that came out wrong!
  9. how very depressing, I dont think i can even muster the words on how i feel about H&S, its just so very pointless. I really do feel so sorry for the guy.
  10. nah we've just done a pc 104 card(basically a laptop pc on one circuit board) at work thats about 8cm sq. Bet the ECU's the same size as any other. I agree, i have some some major dinky sized ECU cards, ya have to wonder at the size of it, and they will get smaller at some point!
  11. Ubercool! thats a really, really great looking bike!
  12. The Tuxford TT Fastest lap wins a cookie! you can view the course if you have google earth Click here for route course
  13. i did have a car up to the end of last month. She is a Subaru Impreza STi Version IV. really, really miss her. we still have a Impreza in the family, i gave my better half my UK spec Turbo2000 I may be getting a Van at some point...dunno yet.
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