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  1. Anyone going tonight ? I should be there around 7 ish
  2. You ought to re-phrase that Dave it sounds like your pimping her out
  3. Nice to meet up again Dave and was nice to meet mel and gaz to .
  4. I love watching a project come together . Keep up the good work mate
  5. I should be there Dave will definitely be at MFN this week
  6. ZX7R P1 Maxon suspension Dynojeted with k and n
  7. greg


    egine has done less miles than the clocks show as was running the 750 engine for a while and also has braded brake lines and new fluid will add anything else i remember but i think thats it for now
  8. Hi all, I am selling the Bandit as I have a new bike, she was sold on ebay but I am being messed around by the buyer. She is a 1998 on a S plate Bandit 600-S She has done 18.5K miles, MOT and Tax till August this year, new Avon Road Riders (done 500 miles), Cutdown Viper Race can, Rentec Rack,the engine cases have been painted black (not silver as shown in the pics) The condition of the bike is fair as there is a few niggles, the end of the tailpiece is cracked, the paint on the tank is not original, but polishes up well, the oil cooler is one from a GSXR K as a stone went through the originals, but I had to cut part of the lower fairing for clearance. She would make an idea first “big” bike or a commuter. All that I am wanting is £1000!! PM me for my number! just took a more recent pic
  9. no problems matey you should know by now that i dont mind . i just want to get a go this time !!!!
  10. grrrrrrr why do all the muppets on ebay find me
  11. not sure yet dont want to start getting exited about a new one till the buyer has turned up and put the money in my hand
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