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  1. thats crap service . complain to the AA i got left on the side of m62 about 10 years ago by AA because they missed me from the system some how and i had to get recovered by police instructed recovery to a near by yard. the AA paid for my van to be removed from their yard and then took got home (took about 10 hours in total) When i complained i got 6 months free membership for me and wife.
  2. I remember when i first saw one of those chinese ballon things that use a small fire to float up I thought it was some sort of ufo invasion and after much internet surfing i felt a right tit.
  3. you think you do until you take it out for a run and realise you arent going much quicker than a push bike. I get mine out occasionally take it for a ride and remember how slow it is. turns heads though more than most other bikes.
  4. isnt there meant to be snow later in the week ?
  5. thank you all! was struggling to wheel the bike out of the garage today when i went out on it . must be old age creeping up on me now that i have hit 40.
  6. got my replacement engine in the 2 stroke 125 mz i have got but i have found out that the engine is kitted out for the earlier type charging circuit and the only pice i dont have from the knackered engine i took out is the stator plate so i cant test it. is there any way i can make it fire up by connecting a live feed to the coil or points or condensor?
  7. had to get the tractor and 4x4 out to cope with the snow here
  8. my mate is selling his mz skorpion 1998 (R) 660 yamaha engine, fairly recent avon roadsmart tyres, good chain and sprockets, new air filter, new brake pads, recent oil change, fitted with hagon shock. good condition high miles (71000) but looks really tidy.1 owner from new never dropped or damaged. only bad point is it burns a bit of oil. (He had someone look at it who diagnosed valve seals). I have folowed him and there is no sign of blue smoke out of the back when its going only on start up. He is after £500 ono located in Hull, Yorkshire
  9. The annoying part of it is i have never had a problem with paypal or ebay on anything i have sold or bought so i cant understand why they would do it.
  10. just got my reply from paypal spoof division and they can confirm that it is genuine. think i can confirm that paypal can go and f*** themselves if they think they are keeping my money for that long.
  11. I use the name Rich Greenslade on paypal so they have the correct details. I have forwarded it to the ebay spoof email address and also sent a message to paypal. never had any fake emails before i am usually really carefull. I paid for a christmas santa visit at our local football stadium on paypal recently wonder if it is something to do with that.
  12. rebuilt replacement engine and fitted it into bike only to find out that the bike is wired for a later ignition system and the engine is the older type. and one of the parts missing when i got the bike was the ignition system. bugger. according to a hungarian site the systems have no interchangeable parts.
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