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  1. to be honest i do a LOT of miles on my bike in Derbyshire/lincolnshire and north yorkshire and i very rarely see any evidence of these campaigns as in speed checks/safety checks on tax discs and the like.personally i think the just come out with these statements every spring to sow the seed of doubt into our minds when we think about giving it that little bit too much gas,got to admit though it does seem to work. A couple of years ago they had a campaign in lincolnshire saying they were going to target bikes and they put stealth signs up allover the place along with a tv campaign showing somebody getting nicked by a sneaky hidden camera (the copper was sat round the corner waiting for him) but i and everyone i know never saw any evidence of this actually happening,suppose it works though because once you see the sign,you never know if theyre going to be there or not.

  2. most Ducati dealers have got demo bikes, the one i rode was one.just give em a call and arrange it, they tell you to go out and ride it for a couple of hours,stop have a fag/tea/coffee and think about it then bring it back when your ready.all you need to take is your licence and maybe another form of id.

  3. saw it on the news last night that the iss and the shuttle were going to be visible at about 7.23pm so off i trotted upstairs to have a look and lo and behold 2 small bright dots flew straight across the sky bang on time.Not easy to spot as theyre not far above the horizon.theyre going to be visible again tomorrow in yorkshire at the same time. if you want to check out when and where to look click here http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/realdata/sightings/cities/region.cgi?country=United_Kingdom&region=England but you might have to try a few times, the servers very busy.

  4. @day101 wrote:
    Compression Thermal Underwear is good i always wear it under my one piece leathers. thumbs

    just been and bought a set,sat here now wearing them with my new leathers on,they seem good so i might go and get another set. hope nobody comes to the door. hide

  5. I nearly fell foul of this one earlier this year,i decided to change my car and figured i would get a better deal selling my old car privatly so i went out and bought this new car and advertised my old car on ebay.obviously it took a couple of weeks to sell but I had the dilemma of either declare it sorn and not be able to offer potential buyers a test drive or not declare it sorn and hope i dont get a knock on the door from the rozzers who would no doubt throw the full weight of the law at me while the bloke down the road was having his house burgled and being murdered.

  6. Hi all im Chris and i live in sunny Sheffield,currently riding a 2007 blade (hands up all those who couldnt figure that one out) and a 2002 GSXR1000 track bike.Hopefully the blades going this year to be replaced with either a 1098 or a 1198 depending on what the funds will stretch to or in other words how much i can get for a kindey.I live with the one who must be obeyed and she rides an R6 frighteningly quickly i might add,thats why i need a Ducati so i can stay in front Laughing hope to get involved in some light hearted banter and maybe pick up or pass on some tips and advice along the way.

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