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  1. also found a top yoke for a bandit 1200 good condition make me an offer? peace....luke
  2. hi to all as above in very good condition good upgrade for ya bandit or wotever lol £50 collection preferred but can post for about 12 quid i think, can put a pic up but will have to wait till later any questions just ask.....peace....luke
  3. hi stue ill be up for this on the 18 sept as my knee will be ok by then i hope,it would be cool to meet up just keep posted with the details mate

    Hello All...

    welcome matey nice bike
  5. i guess i can see a similarity between my knee and the dolphin
  6. hey im havin trouble seein a dolphin even if i stare hard at it but it does look like its gonna speak lol im rinsed anyhow! yeah cool stu just depends how quick i heal its this first week of healin waitin for the swellin to go ect


    welcome mate
  8. cheers guys i feel a bit choked up now lol well its the arterial crucial ligament on my knee thats been done still a tad sore
  9. welcome to the forum mate
  10. STONER

    ayup folks!

    awite mate welcome
  11. STONER


    welcome mate ride safe
  12. welcome bud, glad ya ok
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