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  1. Oh sorry chaps, I didnt spot this coz I am stupid!!! I bought myself another GS850 with a fairing as a project which at the moment is pumping oil out of the breather And I also got the Tee shirt Thanks for the good wishes
  2. I agree about the speed but the bike WAS on the white lines approaching the point of impact so I would have said that it was "an illegal move" so the biker must share some of the blame. I always feel very vulnerable out in no mans land like that so tend to proceed with EXTREME caution but I still feel that it could happen to me if in the wrong place, wrong time. My mate just had 6 months off work from just such a crash but he did get paid out eventually.
  3. WAAAAAAA HAAAAAA I am gonna steal that
  4. Are they just VERY slow loading coz something is keeping your system busy?
  5. PUPPY IS HOME !!!!!!! No word on the low life that took him....
  6. I thought "Bikers" was stretching it - kids more like but its not the only case on the go at the moment, several litters have been lifted recently but this case close to home looks like kids again... burglars-take-precious-puppy I dont know how they find the cheek!
  7. Local residents have come forward with colours on the helmets, especially the star and colours of the bike and have said they live a few streets away from the Trading Estate. Not very bright either by the sound of it.
  8. STOLEN from West Bromwich B70 on 25.08.11 King Charles Cavalier, male, 16 weeks old, red/white, MICROCHIPPED! Thieves entered a business premises and snatched puppy from its puppy pen. Below is a CCTV image of the thieves leaving on a bike believed to be an Enduro CCM404. The helmets worn are very distinctive. If anyone recognise the riders,the bike, their helmets or know the whereabouts of the pup, please contact K9 Search UK on 07988 433187 in the strictest confidence. Doglost thread here.
  9. Its perhaps a bit silly but my biggest fear is passing a line of traffic at a junction and then dropping it right at the front - coz I sure as hell wont be able to pick it up on my own!!!! I picture all the traffic driving off laughing as I sit on the kerb
  10. Sorry, I had to steal this PMSL http://z10.invisionfree.com/PFK/index.php?showtopic=7977
  11. Made me smile too To embed a video admin need to enable HTML and the HTML tags need to be added to the video code, I did try one and at that time the tags didnt seem to be recognised. Look below the reply box and it says HTML is off
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