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  1. hi, thanks alot guys for all your help, will get onto it when i have a spare hour and let you know the outcome, i think it should be ok. cheers
  2. its off the road as i have the engine out giving it a paint job so i have a bit of time to get it opened. thanks i will use them as ive got a couple of things and they are on it.
  3. thanks chadiatious, Ill get on strippin it this week, didnt know if there was some trick im missing as im a bit of a newbie thats all. cheers mate
  4. hi, i dont think they will all fit in the head thats the problem. I think they are around 25-30? just didnt know if theres anything i could do insted of buying one. cheers chadatious put electricts in the headstock and how much is a seal kit rebuilt it all etc?
  5. Hello all, I was bleeding my front brake on a cb250n yesterday and was happy to finally get it done, only then did i realise its seized shut, whats the best way to sort this out as superdream calipers are either too much cash or i just cant find them. thanks guys. o yeh i also got a differant headlight that wont fit all the electrics in, any advice on wehat to do with it all? thanks again
  6. to be honest i dont think the gaskets are that great. As far as i know they are im all good, im going to manually tweak the carb tonight just incase there is something wrong with the handle. thanks
  7. Hello, Every time i solve a problem on this cb250 i get another one. Managed to sort out the carb problems now when i start it it gets going but when i pull the throttle it doesnt rev or anything, have i got the cables wrong? Also what do you call those on the end of the downpipes that fit into the engine? the clamp is ok but the ends are a bit wasted that fit into the engine and when it starts a bit of the exhaust fumes come out of there as they are a bit hammered. thanks in advance.
  8. cheers matey. i did actually think about bobbing it but ill wait for that challenge until i can weld! ill stick to cafes and trackers for the time being
  9. thats not a good evening for you, on the other hand mine was quite good as the blades beat huddersfield which is a great result, plus best of the best was on tv, an added bonus.
  10. thanks for the link, they are a lot better than my mine.
  11. hay, thanks guys, yeh ive got two diagrams, slightly diffderant, plus the loom that came with it is a little dirfferant to the one i got off ebay so its a bit weird, ive just got at multimeter to test some of the wires, just ordered a new indicator relay and a few other electrical bits so hopefully ill get there, also on the diagram it shows two wires from the indicators but theres only one on mine?? i know they are just normal ones not LED. thanks for your comments.
  12. hay bladerunner, anytime you could would be great, might not be here though sat, with it being half term n all that, i appreciate anything that could help, will sort you out with beer,tea and even petrol money if it helps??
  13. hi bladerunner, im just off myrtle road, just where halfords is on queens road, just up from there. thanks.
  14. thanks for the advise, ive looked at plans and they go where they should do,the headlight works now so thats a plus point, im going to have a look at the wires better tomorrow as they could all do with sorting out cos they are a but nasty. Thanks angel, you anywhere near edingale in tamworth??
  15. haha thanks dave. erm at first only one indicator lit up and didnt flash, could be the flash relay? but the controls dont seem to work either, ive got to go and get some connectors from halfords in a bit so i can change the headlight wire and ill then try that. ive never been good with electrics, theres also some connectors that are free and a bit confused on what goes where. need someone to come and say that goes there and this needs to change if you know what i mean.
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