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  1. I know what you are saying but to do nothing is a waste of the lives of others who have so tragically lost theirs, if some good could come out of it it has to be better than doing nothing because we won't be listened to or nothing will ever change anyway. I suppose in some respects I am getting a little more than peed off by the blase attitude and lack of respect from other road users shown to me or other motorcyclists when I am out and about, and this really shouldn't be getting to me as much as it has been recently especially with all the 'Attitudinal Training' I have received and provided to others but nevertheless it has. Don't get me wrong I don't have people pulling out in front of me all the time causing me to take evasive action, I have only had 2 near misses in 7 years - one when I was filtering on the A1 near the team valley when someone decided that they did not like me making more progress than them so decided to swerve deliberately into my path to prevent me progressing further along the road (I was only doing 20 at the time and in second gear), and the second was when I was out with the Bandit forum and I did a little 'off roading' when going into an offside bend ( Ian will remember that one). I guess from time to time we all have to let off a little steam every now and again and I am sorry if I have wasted any ones time in having to read this long and drawn out affair. Davey B.
  2. woo hoo yay well done the first ones the worst but it gets better after that
  3. I'm sorry but Isn't it about time that the government did something to prevent the needless loss of life that is happening up and down the country to Motorcyclists. Every day in the UK 30 motorcyclists are being killed or seriously injured on our roads and contrary to what other motorists think (it is happening because we ride too fast out in the country side) the majority of collisions are at Road Junctions with a failure to look properly / or at all being the major contributory factor. If I knew how to go about implementing the education of other road users - Driving Instructors could help here or form a petition to highlight this I would ride to 10 Downing Street and deliver it personally to David Cameron with hopefully 10,000 motorcyclists in tow (if MCN can muster that many to claim back the roads of Wales then surely it could be done here too). Up here in the North East our Police Force is very proactive in their approach to such matters and our county council have erected signs such as 'Think Bike' or 'Bends To Die For' to remind drivers and riders that we need to look out for each other. I do hope I have not opened up any sad memories for anyone that has had a loved one taken away from them in this way as it is not my intention, but until something is done about it in a big way so as to 'get noticed' this is just going to carry on and not get any better. Davey B.
  4. Iv'e spent just under 3 and a half grand in 5 years so that's not bad is it on my bandit 12
  5. Not sure if this should be in here but I thought I would share this with you guys/galls. To cut a long story short I met my now wife on a blind date and she was trying to remember a place she went to in Spain and was saying it was at "Porta porta porta something" when I chipped in with POR TA CA BIN and she said yeah that's where it was. I had to turn away and nearly pissed myself laughing I only told her last week while we were in Spain (puerto banus and not portacabin) I couldn't possibly put on here her response
  6. How often do peeps go to this then is it every week or every other. Is it still on on a Wednesday evening? Davey B
  7. And how Lucky were some of them sheesh
  8. On the A697 at Wooler reopened well recommended
  9. I seem to remember somewhere saying that the piston rings on a Bandit 1200 were the wrong size when fitted in 2000 causing the oil consumption to go up more than normally. If this is the case do you think it there is any reproach to Suzuki to correct this error. Cheers
  10. Hi I am thinking of getting a standard exhaust for my Bandit 1200 will I need to do anything to the carbs or will it just be a simple case of fitting it and away I go. Thanks. Davey B
  11. You Big softie has that bike EVER got wet
  12. I haven't got a clue what you are all on about but at least I had my question answered thanks. Think you are all Barmy
  13. So how many members are on this forum I noticed in 2012 there were 800 and of them all how many are regular - as in who contribute to the forum not how often they go to the loo
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