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  1. I don't know if you &/or cholette are still watching this topic but i think cholette might be right about the evangelism part. If im not mistaken i think i got the chance to witness to one of my co-workers. She doesn't. To read her Bible often. She doesn't understand all of it. I suggested that maybe she should try buying an audio version of the Bible
    & maybe that would help.she also told me about this woman who talks to the dead & i explained to her why that woman may not be actually talking to the dead but to someone else....it feels different talking to someone about these things. Im a little afraid because i don't want to misguide her because it seems like she wants to know. :( im also a little pensive
    Because its seems like whenever i do something good the enemy is right on my heels to kill the mood..smh. its like the closer i get to God, the more i feel a struggle to do what's right in my heart vs. Doing things that other people think i should do.

  2. Well this has been a challenging year for me since the passing of my mom. Emotionally i feel like. Im all over the place. I don't feel that im angry with God i don't really have a reason to be :D im learning to trust him & allow him to make whatever changes that are neeeded. I haven't stopped thinking about the dream since i had it. Been a very long time since God has shown up like this.

  3. I will definately go to God about it. When i came home from work the other day this dream was heavy on my heart. I thought I'd done something wrong. I searched my heart as best i could then i heard the holy spirit tell me that God wasn't done with me....he is far from done. It feels amazing to know that there is a purpose for me. Thank you for taking the time to read my post & your right it wasn't the fire & brimstone Kind of hell but with music on constant repeat fire & brimstone ALMOST seemed better lol. You have a blessed day thank you again.

  4. Had a dream i died and went to hell. When i was there Atlanta song was playing on repeat over & over again. Whatever hurts u, your worst great, becomes your personal hell. I was getting annoyed. Right b4 i felt i would lose it God spoke to me & sadistic he needed me to do something for him
    I said whatever he wanted me to do i would. Im back on earth trying to witness to people walking by. There's chaos all around the world is ending. I can also see shadows flying & moving Quickly. I think i was looking at the natural realm & spiritual realm. No one listened when I'd witness. Next thing im in a dark place & every person that passes away is lost and i have to help them cross over into heaven. It burdened me to see them lost and afraid. Its been a while since i had a dream like this.

  5. What does it mean to give birth to twins. Had a dream i was pregnant. I went into labor & thought i was only giving birth to one child. I had a boy and a girl. They looked just alike but didn't have names yet. I've never had a dream about being pregnant with more than one child before.

  6. A friend of mine, his mother had an operation on her bladder to remove a tumor that was cancerous. She's. Doing very well :) my friend's situation brought out how i felt about the loss of my mother. She passed away 7months ago from throat cancer. I've been dodging it ever since she died. The best way i can describe it would be stuffing everything into a closet until you can't & it falls out. Its affecting my work alot. Im mean & overly sensitive about everything. A friend of mine suggested keeping a notebook. I know my mom can't see or hear me but its helping me to just put it down ok something you know? & for once i can sleep...i don't have anyone to talk to about this situation. Im wondering if the loss of teeth have anything. To do with these feelings I've been having?

  7. Wow, i had a simialr dream but in my dream i have nerves coming out of my mouth everywhere. But when i lost the teeth they came out in one chunk. It was the entire bridge on the left Side of my mouth. Still not too sure what this may mean.

  8. I had this dream about an hoiur ago. I was walking g in a field with my mothers best friend and we were talking. I heard a cracking sound in my mouth. (In my waking life I've been having problem's with my teeth) so i thought "great losing more tooth." It felt like a small piece. Until i spat it out all my back molers on top of the left side of my mouth came out in one chunk. They were so nasty!! They were dirty, yellow, & clear. So bad that idk what was keeping these things in mg mouth & i could see why they fell out. I was spitting out alot of blood. I thought. Touching the spot the teeth came out would hurts so i just tapped it with my tongue. That entire area was smooth & painless. All except on spot that had a nerve but that was smoothing. Out too and a tooth was growing in that spot. Then i was holding this thing that was supposed to be my head. I knew it was mine because i recognized the gapped. Teeth in. Front (in real life my teeth are gapped. ) i had like this metal thing across my mouth and on my teeth like it started off like braces. UT turned into something worse. I could see all these little worm like things running out of my mouth & head. They look like tadpoles. This head i was holding was lit up with a bright. Light inside of it brighter. Than a flashlight & it was driving. The worms out of the head. I held on to the head so i could show my sister but it was gone!! Teeth & head were gone. The last ting i remember was someone. Else had the head trying to figure out what was making the worms(nerves) die the way. They do. & the head was still lit. There. Were barely any nerves left to die when i looked at it again. Idk what GD is getting. Ready to do but. Excited & partially scared. Need some help with this one.

  9. Ok this dream gets a little weird...its a combination of a tv show & the people i talk to at work...(never eat before going to bed ) but that's not the part That Bothered Me so much. I went back home in California & my Mom was home. When i walked in she wasn't in her room but in the room that used to be my brother's.. she was laying down sweaty &really tired. She managed to get up and go to the bathroom where i was. I got frustrated because i was scared something would happen if she moved. I told her how i was doing and what i accomplished. A small smile comes. Over her face & then a blank look. She was totally unresponsive. My brother and i took her to the bed and called 911 i told them my mom wasn't responding. My brother was crying so i took his hand. I was calling my best friend in the other room but she took her time coming. Out. Then i hear my brother say she has a peaceful. Look on her face. I called. My mom one more time & she opened. Her eyes. When she did that i was thinking. She shouldn't. Be here. I know she's Suffering. I was extremely sad when. I woke. Up. I have been struggling. With her passing. For a while & i think maybe something. Fell out because. I haven't been wanting. To deal with it.

  10. Wow, its funny that u say that....i fell off when i started spending time with God. U telling me this already shoes me that i need to take a few steps back. Emotionally im getting hit hard & its getting harder for me to tolerate alot of stuff which i was doing so well at controlling that lol. Back to the drawing board. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. Your right God is trying to pull something out of me. Those very words crossed my mind while @ work one day i kid u not. "Im trying to bring something out of you, but u wont let me. Definitely distracted.

  11. I don't have these dreams often but when i do im pregnant, I've reached my full term, im in labor, but i never give birth. This dream was different. I was 7 months but the on the outside i looked like i was full term. It was a boy (which is rare its always a girl) i went into labor. My baby was very active & moved alot. All my friends were there coaching me to push but i never see the full deliver...every time lol. Hmmm i feel like something is stirring in my life lately..

  12. Hello everyone, got a question. Had a dream that i was walking down a street in a neighborhood and it was raining. I looked across the street and there was a wolf. I was grey. I wanted to run but didn't want to get attacked. So i kept walking. It walked side by side with me. Whenever i stopped to look at the wolf it would lower its head and i get the feeling to keep walking. Every time i stopped it would do the same thing. After so long i wasn't afraid of it anymore & i started to feel kind of safe....
    Protected was what i felt most. I would glance over now and then to see if it was still with me....it was :) im just asking because i rarely have animal dreams. And this was kind of odd to me.

  13. Something happend the day of my mothers service. That morning i was getting ready for our family to pick us up so we could go to the service. I was falsely accused of stealing some socks from my mothers roommate & it got very ugly. I didn't understand how someone or something like that could happen at such a bad time. I still have alot of anger from that.

  14. Greetings & blessings to all,

    I have something on my mind. How does one know if they have truly gireved over. Someone that has passed on? My mother passed away in December of last year. God has kept me every step of the way through everything. It did take a toll on me though. The last time i attended church was 12/2/12 a couple of days my mother passed. I didn't go back. I went to church recently & it felt really good to be attending. I went to the church normally attend & at first i felt great but the next day i didn't. I forgot how long of had been since i went. It also brought up some feelings. Ever since my mother passed i feel like something stopped. My connectionWhen she she was sick it was hard to focus but since she's. Gone it feels like its worse. Im angry, snappy, mean. I hate coming home, & im. Happy to be left alone. Its as if eve with god is out of wack. Its like A HUGE MESS! Everything is amplified & i don't know how to handle it. Its hard to make sense of it. My mother was so strong when it came to handling death & i feel like i have to be strong like her. I don't think i ever really mourned over her passing.

  15. Hello i had this dream this morning. I have a friend who is a prophet. She was telling me things about my life that were going to happen & some things that were currently going on now. I can't remember it all but there is one part that i do remember. She said that my best friend & i along with 9 other people were going to be saved from something. I seen my best friend and i standing in this tree and there were people in the water being led by the current towards the tree we were in. This was shown to me as a painting. The prophet told me this everytime i went back to sleep & i was shown the same image as a painting. The numbers 2 im guessing represent me and my friend. The number. 9 i don't know who they might be. These equal the number 11. Can someone please explain this to me????

  16. When is the right time for a person to give their life fully to Christ?? Is been on my mind for a while & i don't know how to go about doing that. I don't want to anything that i not serious about. How does someone know when they're ready?

  17. This makes perfect sense...this question came up in a discussion. There was a time that I felt that god didnt forgive every sin. I couldnt understand how he could after we've done so much. Like I said, im just startig to accept that he does forgive us of the things we do. When I was younger God said to me, that there was gonna be a time when everyone would be going left when he said specifically go right! "what are,you gonna do?" I just got confused about it when itcame to things that we REALLY ARENT supposed to be doing. Granted there are still things that we do that are done out of habit but I know that those thngs can be changed with gods hlp. & astra you were right that is my spirit convicting me & letting me know that, there are somthings that are not ment to be figured out.
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