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  1. Praying dear.. I struggled with conception issues in the past... was ALWAYS told I would not have children... well after a surgery, I was pregnant a month later.. now we have 2 beautiful kids! PRAISE THE LORD! With God all things are possible~
  2. Dear Seekingface09~ I too have been in a very similar situation in my life... The Pastor and his ministry was abusive and corrupt... I was having all sorts of dreams about things happening to me and the Pastor would allow.. I sought wise counsel and after serving 4 years. I left.. the ministry was very abusive.. the Pastor had all the answers, yet would allow ungodly things to fester and taint the ministry.. He was a man operating out of the order of God's will for the church.. no im not exposing him or talking about him, facts are facts and I just know that Jesus didn't die for us to remain under the law and in bondage to man's leglaistic rules and regulations...please do a research in the search engine about signs of manipulation and abuse in the church..signs of a false prophet, and how do you discern when to leave a church... seekingface09,im praying even now that the Lord will lead you to a place where you are free from bondage and witchcraft the ministry is surely operating in.. my bible says, "he whom the son has set free, is free indeed" the Lord is surely opening your eyes to deceit and falsehood in this ministry.....Your having a dream you are his mistress signals the closeness you have with him in ministry..a mistress is the other woman outside of a wife naturally but spiritually you're the sidekick he uses as a support person to cover him and his error..because afterall if you're still there, why would anyone question his integrity and authority...hmmm..which is a sign of danger and could also very well be the reason you're apprehensive to leaving or questioning his authority.. ask yourself a few questions, the people who've left the ministry, are the successful that you know of, do they seem happy and free...your giving the double tithe-do you and your family benefit from it at all? are you in lack most of time? if tithing is suppose to do all the Pastor says it will do, in your time of being there how much of the reaping has he had and have you had? Pastors are not "more" than any lay member nor another ministry leader, so therefore, you should prosper and be in good health as well.. they don't get more than the next person because they're the authority figure...Another thing to consider and question.... how is it that he can have all the answers and not to submit to any other leadership in the body for support and effectively continue to lead and make the same demands from his congregation? NOt possible.. We all must give an account to one another.. no one person has all the answers even if he or she is called to the office of a prophet.. even they are subjected to the prophets...It is truly my prayer that you break free from the bondage of the ministry and be who the Lord has called you to be.. FYI,Bishop George Bloomer has a book called, "Authority Abusers", Witchcraft in the Church and Witchcraft in the Pulpit.. If you are able to get these books, they'll bless your life... God bless you and take care~
  3. thank you.. thank you.. thank you all!!! and to Cholette.. u are absolutely right about-----Many won't appreciate this freedom you have NOR will they agree, I have lost many relationships,in family and out... people seem to think that I'm out of order, rebellious, and have lost it....it seems as though now it's just me and my husband.. he made the comment to me just last night, "ba,we all we got" and I said, "yeah and for now that's okay... thank you again guys!
  4. I used to visit here quiet frequently but i stopped.. no particular reason... i have not been in a season of dreaming lately and when i was, the dreams that i would put here, would be very revelatory to what was happening in my life at the moment (season) I simply want to thank God for you all and this site and should I have another dream, I will post for insight.... it amazes how in just a matter of months the spirit of God has removed the blankets from mine eyes and allowed me to see that "church" as I always knew has been out of order for many many years.... i asked the Lord to reveal his plan for me, when I knew I had a calling and he did just that! HIs plan for me which many dont understand is this, BE THE CHURCH, that I've called you to be.. Go and make disciples.. Matt28:18-20...There are so many family and ex-friends who see me as indifferent now since I'm no longer apart of the institutionalized church. It would take months literally to see all the err and at first not know what to do with it.. all of the dreams and visions of me going back and forth with members, the Pastor, the worship team, you name it... it was stressful, depressing, physically and mentally draining and not to mention, kept me broke with this false belief that I would be a "millionaire" and I would have a great name,etc etc.. when being a follower of the Most Hi YAH, is not about self-proclaimed images, and being a millionaire and waiting on some rich unbeliever to bless you~ It was all a lie! I am FREE and I am excited about it.. I now work towards establishing the Kingdom the right way.. I believe I will assemble with fellow believers who are sold out to Him and not "church"... I thank you all for the dream intrepretations and words of encouragement... Agape
  5. Hello~ I would like to ask if all intercessors would come together and pray for the church. Pray that the Lord's perfect will be done in His people. All who desire freedom in Him be free and all who desire more of Him see Him for who He is.Let us pray that He would show himself strong to us in these last days.It has become revelatory that "MANY" have fallen and become engulfed in a systematic way of worship and teaching so much so until there's been no room for Christ to manifest himself and man continues to get the glory in hidden ways. My heart is heavy concerning the many false teachings and doctrines in the church. Even the minor things that some will think the true followers don't see. Let us pray that those who see, will see the salvation of the Lord and those who hear, let him hear what thus saith the Lord!
  6. Hello~ May I please e-mail someone with my questions?
  7. Hello~ On Monday, I sent up a prayer request for my nephew that got a hold of some bad drugs over the weekend. Well I'm back with a GREAT testimony. My husband had an opportunity to visit him in the hospital and appeared to be doing very well. Although he left the hospital before they released him, he's responding okay. Our prayer now is that he would go back and allow them to run c.a.t. scans....
  8. Hello~ Me & my family are in serious need of prayers from the righteous! On yesterday, my nephew took some bad drugs (being a young adult) and it threw him into a mild seizure. I believe he will be okay once he comes to fully;however, he needs to be saved and free from the habit of smoking all drugs. Thank you for your intercessory for our family who simply is not handling this well..
  9. Hey All~ Yes I wrote it in August..... I'm so glad you liked it God Bless you All and the "people of yesterday"
  10. People of "Yesterday" Pressing toward the Goal, Philip 3:12-15 12 I don’t mean to say that I have already achieved these things or that I have already reached perfection. But I press on to possess that perfection for which Christ Jesus first possessed me. 13 No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it,[d] but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, 14 I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us. 15 Let all who are spiritually mature agree on these things. If you disagree on some point, I believe God will make it plain to you. 16 But we must hold on to the progress we have already made. Have you ever had someone in your life that you use to agree on almost everything with? You had so much fun with this person(s). It was mainly pleasures of the world huh? Every time you got together it was a good ole time. You laughed, you joked, you thought, and you reminisced about all things you use to do. Rest assured you could get with this person(s) and do the unthinkable or unstoppable right? One Day! A new chapter of your life has now begun. What’s happened to me? What’s happened to you? Why all of sudden you’re different. I call you and we no longer have anything good to talk about. Too many moments of air through the phone waives. I’m scrambling for what to say and you are uncomfortable talking to me. When I reflect on the times we used to share, you don’t particularly care to hear what I’m saying or you brush me off as though you have other things to do. I called you today to talk about how much I missed us and what we did yesterday and you somehow act like it never happened. How is this and it just happened the other day? Or last month? Are we still friends? Are you still the same person I met a few years ago? It appears we no longer have anything in common. Why is this? Why are you so different now? Has this ever happened to you? Are you experiencing this now? If so, perhaps this person or people are your “yesterday”. You see when you discover that there’s something greater in life for you and you’ll stop at almost nothing to get to it, the people that were of your today are no longer so when that day comes, God will allow you to see that these people or persons quickly become your yesterday. Oh it hurts. In fact on both ends, but remember when you experience these type situations, and you will, it’s simply because you’re pressing towards a goal for a higher calling in life and everyone that’s apart of your yesterday just won’t fit in today. So when you’re faced with your yesterdays, thank them because if it weren’t for them, your today wouldn’t be now.
  11. OMG.... Can I share something with you that the Lord gave me to write about a couple of months ago?
  12. Hello~ I have some concerns with a few things in the church I attend. I am at a place where I feel the lead to speak with my Pastor but because so many have already done so, I feel as though his judgements are clouded in a sense. The Lord sent me to the ministry a few years ago and I don't believe it was by accident. I know no one is perfect but we are to strive for perfection. Sin is all around us in this ministry and it is simply over-looked. I don't expect anyone to be called out maliciously or embarrased in any way but is there not a way to deal with it carefully? The leader that I question has without a doubt reaked havoc in the ministry in our church and it has yet to be addressed. I guess at this point I should be simply asking for intercessory prayers regarding this issue. It's so much involved here, lest I even start to right about it. PLEASE INTERCEDE TO THE HEAVENS ON THIS ON!
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