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  1. Prims

    bishop D,,,,

    mine is all cool and stuff .... if only i could resize it. Yes sure it is beautiful alright MIB
  2. Prims

    bishop D,,,,

    by the way dreamster, your avatar is way too serious but btful 2 all framed and everything......
  3. Prims

    bishop D,,,,

    wow justblue I agree the avatar is too cute for words, in fact i think it is the cutest i have ever seen
  4. Thank you Linda, some of us needed to hear that so very much, I needed to hear God telling me that He loves me. although it is quite an obvious statement to us the believers, I so wanted to be reminded of God's Love towards us- exactly what you have posted to us... I feel spiritually very sick this morning, and this encouragement did it for me I need some kind of peace for a change
  5. Prims

    bishop D,,,,

    Hi Mia, there is something that is really really bugging me can you help me pray please ?
  6. Lord I pray for my sister as she is so ill, I pray Lord that you touch with your healing hands, it is written that with your stripes we are healed. There must be a reason as to why she is still here, she was in her worst state 3 days back and you brought her back you promised her that she will not die. So why do we fear what we see, why are you so downcast o my soul why so disturbed within me I pray for God's continued mercy I pray for HIs faithfulness I pray for His everlasting Love I pray for His goodness upon our lives, I shall speak of this that are not as though they were I will speak live to every dry bones in our valley because Father I know that you are not a man that you should lie i will hold on to your promises to go on through it with faith for I know you have already spoken to this fierce storm you have put an end to its rage hence we say that we live by faith and not by sight. Hope in the Lord of my souls for I shall yet praise Him as my Lord and saviour. Jesus thank you for what you are about to do, I know I can rely on you you are my everlasting father. oh and by the way Lord
  7. Hi Nub, I was feeling exactly the same, just on the verge of giving up throwing in a towel and believe me somethings are just not that easy to carry on our own until God intervenes. That verse really revived me, God speaks everyday that is so wonderful to know only if i could recognise it. thanks once again Linda
  8. Hi Linda Marie Irish, Is that a picture of you? you have the most beautiful smile and the verse is so wonderful, just what I needed to hear this morning. I am praying for my breakthoughs and I am dedicating the next seven days to Him who lives forever.
  9. Christa, Jesus is the Lord, your Aunt won't die. I speak from an experience, my sister was terribly ill over the weekend and as she tried to get up from the bed she collapsed, she said she remembers thinkin "[i' am dying]" then she saw Jesus Christ, then He asked her what she wanted, she told Him that she wanted to go back( to life) upon that Jesus said to her "done" then you will not die. I prayed so much that my sister would be healed although she still isn't she is going to live. PRAISE THE LORD so your Aunt won't die in JEsus Name she will live to proclaim the name of the living God. To see the Goodness of God in the land of the living. Father in the Name of Jesus your will be done, we pray for Christa's aunt Lord you grant the desires of our hearts we ask that Lord you restore her health in Jesus' mighty name and
  10. Guys i was just reading through your topic, Connie is very right about us having power over what ever the devil may bring upon us, however in my case my sister is very ill and i have been trying to intercede for her in prayers but since then she just got worse and worse. I do not know, eventhough i have been so strong in the Lord and had such amazing faith towards this speaking life into her situation, today i just spoke to her and she told me she dreamt seeing Jesus and He asked her what she wanted but she chose to live, had it not been for that she would have passed on. This is what puzzles me, she said after seeing Jesus, she also held on to His bleeding feet doesn't that supposed to have done something in terms of healing. because she thinks the Lord said she will live and not die but she will continue to get sick from time to time. Should i still continue praying, i am so confused and so uneasy i donot want to lose my sister i don't have the kind of strength i had anymore.....what is going on?
  11. PRAISE THE HEAVENLY GOD FOR WHAT IS HAPPENING IN YOUR PARTNER'S LIFE! and thanks for standing in an agreement with me. HE has already started with the healing, and i cannot begin to elaborate my joy,
  12. CB i know and understand what you are talking about, i hear about my inadiquacies all the time everytime i argue with my husband, and i mean everytime. But you know i told myself that No person shall make me feel less of myself, my husband tend to say some horrible stuff about me so much so that i had to come up with a way of keeping it away The worst part is he sometimes blutters it all out in front of other people it does not matter who, BUT i serve a living God and that is what He does not understand. The other day as he was going on. I started confessing the promises of God upon my life and it fought for me. I have started doing that and he does not know how to deal with it that way. GOD is Good CB and very great that i am very proud of
  13. Latoya what your husband did was very wrong. He has hurt you terribly after all that you have been through with him. Most of the time I read about what most women are going through in their marriages. I would also share my story, but this is all about you. What I seem not to understand is that, it is always as though it is ok for women to go through this, like we should expect it. NO!! you are just as human as he is and it is written that God will judge everyone according to what they did whether it be good or bad. everytime I come across something of this nature I align myself with the WORD, what does it clearly say about adultery. It is one of the fruit of the flesh, and basically what it means is that those who live according to the flesh shall never inherit the kingdom of heaven. Everytime my husband hurts me, I go back to the word and find out what God said about marriage how is it supposed to be. God never said: "well, child now that you are married you must expect for your husband to cheat treat you bad run away from you and leave you with them kids. Do not worry yourself, that is how I made them, they are pigs surely you must know that so all you have to do is get hurt that is ok cry and moarn and wail that is what i call a strong woman, fight to get him back he will continue hurting you with other stuff but remember what i said earlier" NO! NO NOOO!! it is written, those two are one flesh, and it continues to say: Husbands Love your wives as Christ loved the Church and wives respect your husband, he is the head of the family end of the story. my point is we should shout and claim what the Lord has given us in the beginning, the devil has taken it away but we must claim back the kind of Man God desires for our husbands to be. IT is almost as though this is becoming a norm "oh girlfriend, men are all the same" NO THEY ARE NOT! we must keep professing the promises of God upon our lives. He promised that when we remind HIM he will hear from HEAVEN and heal our land. THAT WOMAN WITH WHOM YOUR HUSBAND IS, is not the kind that GOD BLESSED HIM WITH. GOD BLESSED YOUR HUSBAND WITH YOU that will always be the case. Remember David????. No weapon should ever prosper when it is concerning you LATOYA. You are the child of the most high and I CLAIM YOUR HUSBAND BACK IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME MAY IT ALL GO TO WASTE WHATEVER HE HAS BUILT FOR HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!
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