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    Hi. I’ve not been on here since 2013. How do I look at my old posts? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone and a happy New year! Has god ever promised you something and you've had to wait and wait for that thing he's promised? As your faith been tested to its limits? Well that's where I'm at now, waiting on god is so hard, just need a bit of encouragement.
  3. Thank you everyone for your advice. I did think at one point i need a break from god to sort my head out, but a couple of days went by and i missed him so much i had to come back im just praying that god gives me peace about the things that im worrying about i know with his help i can work through this.
  4. Thank you both for your replies. I seem to be at a low point in my life right now, i feel like God is far away and i wish i could feel closer to him but i just dont, im hoping things will change in my life, ive asked for confirmation on two seperate things and i think he has gave them to me but i just feel like satan is trying to trick me and give me false hope. my head is all over the place i feel mentally exhausted. sometimes i wish god would just take me from this life but i love my two children very much and i know i have to stay for them.
  5. hello everyone. please can someone tell me if satan can give us the confirmation that we've asked god for to try and trick us?
  6. hi cholette, it didn't leave me completely confused, i felt like it was saying that god can perform miracles but the people didn't believe him so they continued to sin against god and this made he angry. is god trying to tell me to trust him more? what else could he be trying to tell me? i dont read the bible very often so i sometimes find it hard to understand.
  7. hi everyone. Ive been praying about a certain thing for about 12 months now, ive asked god to give me signs as to whether or not it will come to pass, god has give me signs or at least i think he as (sometimes i think these signs are coincidence's) its been 12 months and im still waiting for this certain thing to happen like god said it would, last night i got so upset and asked god to please tell me straight if its not going to happen so i can get on with my life. This morning when i woke up i turned to psalm 78 can someone tell me what god is trying to tell me?
  8. thank you for the kind replies. I have my consultation tonight with a surgeon. my head is all over the place, i keep looking at my breasts in the mirror trying to imagine what they're going to look like after surgery, i can live with the the idea of having small breasts but not breasts that look deformed. I keep thinking that god is saying "you made the choice to have implants now you have to live with the consequences" will god really restore me to the way i was before? im single at the moment what happens when i meet someone and my breasts are deformed im not going to want them to look at me! i can just about afford the surgery, i havent got the money for a uplift, will god provide the funds even if its for cosmetic reasons? I just want to look the way i was before the implants.
  9. Ive had breast implants for 11 years now, ive been happy with them up until about 3 weeks ago, now i just want them out but im so scared what my breasts will look like after having implants in for so long. I know god wants me to have them out but im so scared, i wish i had never had them done now and just accepted what god gave me. im getting some strange feelings in one of my breasts, i got a funny feeling that it may have ruptured and im really scared about health risks. has anyone here had or know anyone who had breast implants taken out without replacing them. i was quite small before i had them so im worried im just going to be left with saggy skin.
  10. that is so good you must be really happy , i wish god would give me the gift.
  11. hiya hindsfeet. glad my post has helped you, and i hope it gives you the strengh to get through what you're going through
  12. Hi everyone. This is an update on my post "please help! im so angry with God!" well as some of you know i had an interview last thrusday which didn't go well at all, in fact i completely messed it up! later that night i was feeling pretty low with myself and with God for letting me down.I was looking up a word in my dictionary when i saw the word interview then above that was the word intervene, it took me a bit by surprise but i thought maybe it was coincidence so i didn't think much more of it. The people who interviewed me said they'd let me know the outcome of my interview by monday, monday came and went and i never heard nothing.On Tuesday afternoon i was on my way out of the house to pick my children up from school when i saw on the pavement right next to my car a piece of paper in the shape of a star with the words Jesus written on it, i knew God was trying to tell me something but wasn't sure what,then literally a couple of seconds after i saw the piece of paper i got a text message saying i had a voice mail, it was the HR manager from the place i had my interview asking me to call her back, it was then when she told me that i got the job! i couldn't believe my hears! i was so happy i know for a fact that i wouldn't of got that job if it wasn't for god, i also know now why god let me muck up the interview, if God helped me do well at that interview i wouldn't of believed it was god i would of thought i'd done it on my own, I now have more faith in god than ever before because no matter what the circumstances if God wants you to have something you'll have it regardless! i didn't think for one minute god would work like this, he is so great and im so thankful for what he's done if he was here now i'd give him a big hug! Oh i guess i should tell you what the job is, its working in a local hospital as a health care assistant caring for people with mental health problems. I hope this post will help other people who are having problems with having faith in the lord.
  13. hello cholette, thank you for your message. I don't know for sure that i haven't got the job, im just assuming i haven't,they did say they'd let me know Friday gone or today but i still haven't heard anything yet so its not looking good. On the Thursday night i was feeling pretty upset wondering why god didn't answer my prayer then later on i was looking up a meaning in the dictionary, just above the word i was looking at it said interview then above that it said intervene do you think this could be god telling me something or was it a coincidence? could it be that god intervened in my interview somehow?
  14. thanks beborah, yeh that would be good if you could send me the info. thanks again for the advice.
  15. Thanks deborah. First of all well done to your son you must be very proud of him does your son have trouble speaking because of lack of confidence? before my interview i went over and over in my mind what i was going to say ,i have no trouble when im on my own or with a friend its when i actually get to the interview and im sat in front of those people my mind goes totally blank its sooooooo horrible i just cant remember anything, its so embarrassing im not sure i can go to another interview again, i wish god would help me with this its so frustrating.
  16. Thanks daisy and astra for your advice. Ive been thinking long and hard as to why this has happened but only god knows that, it all seems so unfair but god works in mysterious ways so maybe something good will come out of this situation who knows. Ive been sulking with god since yesterday so maybe its time to go back and say sorry for calling him all those names yesterday
  17. thanks connie, i just cant get my head round why god would let the enemy do this to me, god is more powerfull he could of stopped this from happening, this has just made my fear of interviews even worse. Before i went to the interview i did have faith that god would get me through, how wrong was i. im just so upset by it all.
  18. Im beginning to think if having a relationship with God if worth it because i dont seem to be getting anything out of it. Ok i'll start at the beginning. I really struggle with job interviews, ive had so many in the past and ive always come out feeling like a failure and totally humiliated because ive said the wrong thing or because ive said nothing due to my mind going blank because of nerves. For the last week ive been preparing for a job interview that i had today, i really wanted to get through this interview even if it didn't mean getting the job, ive being praying now everyday for God just to help me relax while im in there and to stop my mind going blank and basically just to help me get through it. when i got there someone came to collect me and took me to the interview room, i walked in and there was four interviewers there, my nerves were totally shattered, in my mind i was saying please god help me get through this. I sat down and in turn they all asked me some questions and guess what my mind went totally blank and i couldn't think what to say, i answered every question but just mumbled a load of crap! i came out totally humiliated again! im so upset i cant stop crying im never going to get a job at this rate, i really wanted that job too but i know i haven't got it. im such a failure! why has God let me down like this? im so mad with him I've told him to get out my life I've lost all faith in him
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