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  1. My absolute favorite tv show! I can't wait!
  2. I sent a f/r to _PANDY_ this morning...just waiting on confirmation.
  3. Items received very fast.Excellent trader! Thank you!
  4. Sounds fine for the bulldog and two chestnut plushies. Will send payment after FR accepted. Thanks!
  5. Could i have the bulldog and 2 chestnut plushies please? How much for all three?
  6. Jessmoney

    Doll shop....

    May I have the brown deer for 1*4999?
  7. Hello! May I please have 1x santa set, 2x Pirate Hat, 2x Pirate Shirt for 7*4999?
  8. Please Mrs. Balls can i have number 45? Thank you!
  9. Heya! I just sent you the 10*999 for the ugly sock monkey and reindeer hat.
  10. Hi! May I have the reindeer hat and the ugly sock monkey? (10*999)
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