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  1. Thanks again Eric. Is bedrock = obsidian though?
  2. What a bunch of delightful sirs you are!
  3. Actually, me and Frog are trying to set up a new nation... An extra 50K or so wouldn't hurt. How would this work though? Do we need to pay you back?
  4. Spindle_shanks

    I'm quitting.

    The_Pie is now free game. He's is no longer part of any faction. Matti, Please come back!
  5. U mad bro? Funny actually, I watched that episode not too long ago. We get the show here a while after it screens in the US.
  6. Hmm. I think I heard something similar to this in The Pacific. Loudmouth said it to Hoosier (Bill), in an argument about Guadalcanal and that they didn't do anything there but sell bonds and dick blondes, or something to that tune.
  7. EricTheBarbaric1 should win... *VOTES*
  8. Can I be just Spindle then please?
  9. So when do we hit 1.2 ? Cuz I want cats up my jungles fighting iron golems already.
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