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  1. I can send you the seat for the hat hun x seat rec and hat sent thanks for trade rep added Thanks hun, sent and recieved, rep added x
  2. I can send you the seat for the hat hun x
  3. Wishing for a Black Carnival Mask I have lifebuoy decor Glossy red surfboard decor 2010 Balloon Hat Mud face mask
  4. True, but with that amount of essays you'd think I was studying to be a doctor not work for the RSPCA lol
  5. I decided on a career change last year so I went back to college and now I just don't seem to have any time to myself. I've got to hand in 9 essays every fortnight, can you believe that!!!. I've barely even had time to pop back here and say hi Sorry to complain but it's really getting to me atm
  6. Eternal_Irony

    Do you have..

    At the minute I've just got my rescue cat Gizmo, because I had to give my horses up but my mum breeds cocker spaniels and I'm on an animal management course so if you count the college pets I've got quite a few lol. I've got a few pics of Gizmo on fb as well as Dusty and Sally my mum's dogs although they're all as bouncy as petlings and it's hard to get a good pic
  7. Yay, thanks guys. What a great pick me up after a day of coursework lol
  8. It never lets me finish a survey, it keeps saying I'm not suitable so my opinion doesen't count lol
  9. if you get oil on your clothes (my fiance's a biker lol) rub margerine really well into the stain and then scrape as much as possible off the fabric. Finally rub washing up liquid into what is left of the stain and wash as normal. I've saved so many pairs of jeans doing this
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