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  1. Starlet White Dress+Shoes. Make ur offer.
  2. My teeth issues are not over yet.
  3. I have a tooth in my gums too. Well, some of it came out. That's my problem. Maybe try humming while the operation is on-going. Keeping the song straight might keep u busy.
  4. Title: Cafe Mix-Up Isabella was just waking up from a sleep. "Hum, good morning!" she said and finally stretched and went to her cafe. She was hoping for tips and bigger payments, but the worst was to come. Her Strawberry Shortcake was missing! "Oh my goodness!". she exclamied, "Better look for it!" She searched EVERYWHERE and in her friends' house. She found a helpful friend but he was too busy as the petlings ate everyting. Isabella was at the point of giving up when a squirrel appeared and said, "My dear, losing something? Then buy a mystery box and then check on the cakes." She did as was told. When she came back, the squirrel was gone, but here cake was back. "Woohoo! But where is Mr. Squirrel?" she said. After tending her cafe and costumers she put some nuts on the floor. "Just in case", she said and went to watch Wipeout.
  5. Tnx guys. Maybe I should hum while the dentist in piercing it.
  6. Hi!!!! Looking for graphics ,etc? Well welcome!!!! I've been looking for some ways to earn money. So I opened this. I'm still a begginer AND I still use MS Paint so it isn't that pretty. Its free for the moment but I'll add payment sooner or later. Oh yeah, I'm very busy these days so I'll make 2-3 orders. Tnx! Samples: Slots ♥ ♥ ♥ Pick- Ups ♥ ♥ ♥ PS. Sorry, I can't do siggies and avatars. :pinkjello:
  7. Uhm, going to the dentist. I have an infected tooth already. Believe or not I went to the dentist 6 times already to have it pulled out. But it still in my mouth. And I have to balance my study cause we have tests and my clearance isn't signed yet. I'm going crazy already.
  8. Author: Piers Anthony Book: Dragon on a Pedestal Its a good book. My mom gave it to me.
  9. Thanks alot. Mods in PF Forum don't usually do this stuff.
  10. I'll pay in GMB's. OR a few other things. Details: Pet Pic: Pet Name(Include It): Isabella Background: FB Link: ???? Thanks!
  11. Hi Lazar! Remember me? From PF Forums?
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