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  1. Hi Jennifer, is this giveaway still open? May I ask for Clever Beaver and Insane Alice please. Thank you so much
  2. May I pick #9 please Thank you!
  3. thats perfect hun ive sent you the bundle x All items received hun, thanks a bunch!
  4. Hi Gaia, I want to trade the bundle with the Black Cat Doll Hope it fine. Thank you so much!
  5. Can I pick number too? 12-4-9-18-32-6 and 3-24-35-40-13-1 Thank you
  6. Thank youuuuu so much hun!! Omg, I'm so happy Rep added for your kindness!
  7. Payment received and ring sent, thanks again! Rep added!
  8. I'm fine Pedja, thank you! I've been busy the last whole month, and this year too I think. Cause this is my last year in college. But I'll try to log in psfc in the middle of my tasks. Oh I miss psfc forum! I miss u all in here A month I'm not log in and u've become the top 20 posters! he he he~
  9. May I get these: Candy Bracelet Flying Saucer Candy Pink Cotton Candy Thank youuu so much Pedjaa
  10. Hi Jen, I want to buy again 1x Valentine Rose Ring please will send u the payment right away
  11. Yeah it's soooo confusing. I don't like it
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