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  1. I would have to say that my all time fav book would have to be Isle of woman by piers anothony, actually any book that man has wriiten has become my new fav book, if u have never read a book by him, might i highly recommend that u do!!
  2. thanks for the request and FAST response, and the encouragement!!! i feel better already!!!!
  3. i feel soooo stupid right now!!!! i just registered to this site yesterday and am having a hard time figuring the whole thing out!! i just realized AFTER posting it that i am not allowed to make a wish list and there are all these rules and i feel as though i am getting off to a bad start by breaking a rule on my second day! i wish that i had some help but i am not even 100% sure how to ask, all i want is to make some new friends and have neighbors in my village who actively play and can help me i have had my pet for a long time but was without a computer of my own and so never got to play and now that i have a computer i log in everyday and see my friends homes filled with tons of neat stuff. i have been trying so hard to fill up my house and have bought alot of playfish cash to do it but i can't afford that!!! sooo... if anyone wants to help or befreind me i would appreciate it sooo soo much. thanks for letting me blow off some steam......if anyone is reading this.
  4. how can u afford to collect 99 of everything??? i am lucky if my pet has $2,000 at any given time. I guess Lavender is a poor pet!
  5. hi i am new here and am havinga bit of trouble navigating through this site. i am looking for friends who can become my neighbors and i have a few questions if anyone could help me out i would be very grateful!
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