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  1. hiya pedja i can most likely help u out this wednesday with the pink lady bundle and the kitchen, keeping fingers crossed that everything works out, but it should, i'll take a look through ur shop and get back to u if there is anything that i see that i may want!
  2. hi could i have the orange wig and the fortune teller book? oh and a sea shell hair clip?
  3. hi winston, could i get.... 1 mushroom table 1 garlic wreath fashion pink shoes and the elegant romantic bath tub if still available?
  4. i have louis the XIV crown for sale in my shop for 40x5999 if u r interested?
  5. Hiya, so sorry for the late reply - I've been soooo busy recently with Christmas and everything but I've just sent you a f/r on facebook. If you'd still like the Red Summer Shades then let me know and we can start the trade :smiles: i sure do i accepted request and am sending out payment right now, and don't worry about i totally understand i think everyone is busy this time of the year!! thanks so much for the trade!!!!!
  6. am i too late?!! has it been 24 Hours yet?!!!
  7. my parents own a camp in northern Maine and the lake it is located on has many of herons living there as well as loons, the native american tribe Iroquois held the sighting of a blue heron as a very good omen, a very lucky sign, if one was seen before a hunt it was believed the hunt would be a successful one as they recongnized the heron as an expert fisher/hunter. so prehaps there are good things in store for u and ur family this holiday season!!
  8. sure just send me a message on facebook when u r ready!
  9. Thanks sooooo much u r WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!
  10. yes it is send me a f/r on facebook and payment and i will get it out to u thanks so much!
  11. i do i have 2 left send out payment and i will deliver thanks!!! Payment sent! recieved, thank you, annnnnd delivered! thanks for the trade :cold:
  12. i am wanting a petmas poo, if anyone has a spare let me know thanks so much
  13. Sure! I've sent you a FR. ok i will accept and send out payment thanks!!! edit, payment sent THANKS!!
  14. hi, i have alot of items i would like if still available. ok..... F14, D14, D24, E23, D25, E25, A49, E49, B52, and C50 thanks so much the total is 22x999 so is it ok if i send 4x5999 so its easier?
  15. i do i have 2 left send out payment and i will deliver thanks!!!
  16. absolutely send a f/r and payment and i will send it out thanks so much!!
  17. soory i sold it i didn't see this until AFTER i sold it, well if i don't recieve a confirmation then i can sell it, anyway did u still want the oversized walk in closet?
  18. sure add me on facebook, let me know in request ur from psfc so i know to add u send out payment and i will send it out!! thanks so much!
  19. it is although i don't think it has wings its just a snow ball so it looks alittle different than his do u still want it?
  20. i have 1 hideeni snow ball costume for 5x5999 for the first persom who wants it just let me know
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