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  1. hi do u have : witch of the noarth witch of the east witch of the west headmistress outfit for sale? thoes are OZ bundels
  2. hiiii i realy want to buy ponies they look so cute !! so anyone got some for sale?
  3. hi how r u ? can i get Royal Guard x 1 Royal Wedding Guest Duke x for 5*5999 both? or too low? or is ther any items u want to swap with?
  4. buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuump
  5. hiiiiiiii i want to buy evil sea whitch bundel ! help pleas
  6. about the cash items, can i pay in 5999s pleas/
  7. mano

    ( CLOSE PLEASE ! ) =)

    mmm do u need items instead?
  8. hiiii i want to buy all the new bundels but i dont have money to pay , only items pleas tell me what bundle u have and what u want for it thanx alot
  9. hi i have Easter Egg Tree Seed (5) Festive Tree Seed (2) Love Tree Seed 5 so what can u give me if i give u thoes?
  10. would u want to sell them for 5999s?
  11. can i pay 1 5999 each/ pr pleas give me offer
  12. hi every one how r u ? my last chance since they are leaving tommorow ! pleas help me im buying cc : 13 cc ( 3 times for the gift) pleas let me know waht items u want im offering nis and rares etc , and not ( coins , 5999s.6666s etc )
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