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  1. ooooh man i thought i was the only one!!! the same thing is happening to me too!!!! this is sooo frustrating i am so fed up with my game always having something wrong
  2. i actually found a pair digging today so never mind
  3. hi dear, there are winter wings they r the rare item, i have on my list the winter swings and at this time i am out of the swings and the fairy shoes, i sold yhem last night and have yet to update sorry for that i will update now, also if u still want the wig, owl plushie and hair clip i do have those items still avaiable, also i have yet to dig tody so if i find any winter item i will let u know thanks!! also send a f/r!
  4. hi all i am looking for a pair of the bordeaux high heels if anyone has a pair to trade please let me know THANKS!!!!!!
  5. i do have all that u want still i'll keep and eye out for the friend request
  6. I want to announce that the 50 ccs I had up for sale have been gobbled up!keep ur eyes open in the weeks to come as i may have more ccs to sell!
  7. hi i actually do have one red shoe bundle available and i am at this time closed to selling cc items Sorry
  8. ok here is my room, there is some tough competition this week!
  9. awww thanks so much and the same goes for u my dear!!!
  10. hi ya dixy wondering if u still have any of these items, B13, C9, D30, D57 and B24 thanks!!!!
  11. i will send bundle out after payment same with wig and the wig would be 7/5999
  12. i have reserved the monkey costume for u will send out after payment thanks so mjuch for trading with me!!!!!
  13. ok red shoe bundle would go to pluna, as she asked first, i am still waiting to hear back from her if she indeed wants it, if not it will go to the next person who asked first, i feel as though thats a fair way to go about trading them.
  14. i live in Maine in the states and let me tell u we get sooooo much snow in the winter that most of us begin to hate it 2 winters ago we had 19 major snow storms with over 3 feet of snow each storm!!!!the snow banks were literally turning into mountains! in portland, our largest city, dump trucks had to be brought in to remove alot of the snow because there was no where left to push it!!!! i wish we could send some ur way!! we have already had some snow this season but not alot YET!!
  15. if prices are too high just make me an offer this is my first time being the one who is selling so if i am being a greedy fool don't be afraid to let me know! 1 forest elephant plushie 5x 5999 1 WWF white t-shirt 5x5999 1I heart WWF hat 5x5999 1 WWF penguin poster 5x5999 1 WWF tiger poster 5x5999 1 petmas bear 3x999 1 festive gingerbread dress 3x999 4 festive gingerbread shoes 3x999 each 1 festive gingerbread pant 3x999 1 festive party dress 3x999 1 festive party glove 2x999 1 cute fetive jacket 3x999 2 snowman chair 3x999 each 3 crooked santa hat 4x999 each 1 reindeer hat 3x999 2 igloo 12x5999 each 2 cute pink penguin 4x999 each 2 festive cake rack 2x999 each 1 arctic dog plushie 4x999 3 snowy cone tree seed 1x5999 each 6 poinsetta seed 1 celebration cake 5x5999 1 summer picnic 5x5999 2 moulin rouge miniature 1x5999 each 1 kitchen cabinet 4x999 1 green marquee 3x999 1 mountain landscape 5x5999 1pink tree swing 6x5999 1 shape-shifting bouncy slime 6x5999 1 gold foil door 3x999 1 sea castle 4x999 2 bouquet with fan letter 4x999 each 1 pet parade balloon 4x999 1 dark olympus bed 3x999 2 spring fairy bed 3x999 2 ugly duckling bundle 10x5999 each 1 princess and the pea bundle 10x5999 1 red shoes bundle 10x5999 1 rapunzel bundle 10x5999 each 1 little prince bundle 10x5999 1 regal long mirror 2x5999 1 charming prince shirt 3x999 2 charming prince leggings 3x999 each 1 winged shoes 5x5999 3 romeo shirts 3x999 each 1 rosy bracelet 3x999 1 pirate tricorn hat 4x999 1 pink detective hat 3x999 1 piggy 4x999 1 louis the XIV crown 30x5999
  16. yes that helps ALOT LOL! thanks!
  17. ayathon thanks a bunch never thought about that! i will start to do some detective work!
  18. ok so i was all excited cause i was thinking i would be able to help a friend out by buying them a WWF item they had on a wish list and when i went to buy it the screen popped up saying how residents of Hawaii and MAINE and another state i already forget which, can not purchase ANY WWF items!!!!!! WTH!!!!! i wanted to get a set of the cute little music playing animals for my friend but also for me!! and now i can not!! i am super sad about that, and now i feel bad because i can't give my friend what they were wishing for i was all happy and feeling like christmas season is apon us and wanting to sread that holiday cheer only to have this make me feel like the state-o-maine is killing my holiday mood!!!! so boo you maine boooooooo yooooooou!
  19. hi friends! i have clicked the watch topic for replies several different times and am wondering where do the topics i am watching appear? i was waiting to hear a reply for some items i wanted to buy out of a members shop, and now i can not find where her shop is on here, i looked in the trading forum and did not see it there, it was scrolling on the right hand side of my screen 2 days ago and now it has disappeared, i am afraid that i will seem as though i no longer am interested when that is not the case at all, so... any one who knows where to find the topics u r watching on the site and could let me know i would be very grateful for the help. thanks guys
  20. chay i'll take the green one i'll send payment out thanks so very much! u saved me i just bought ornaments and was like great.....ummmm.... no i just need a tree to put them on....LOL
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