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  1. nunameg

    Childrens books

    lately, i was kinda addicted to this author - robert sabuda for his pop-up children books. his books are really very nicely done. though it's for children, his pop-up is so nice that it seem to b for adult's collection. presently, i hv his wizard of oz, encycpedia for dinosaurs, brava strega nona & chronicles of narnia. ^^
  2. if i could write to santa... for now, think i would write: dear santa, please let my family b happy always, that's the best gift i would like to hv for now. merry xmas!!
  3. hi aiya, just read ur problem. honestly i hv not done any research or hv any scientific explanation for this but..err...just for some sharing.. i m a chinese and in m y family, there's a very old belief dat we (my family) when we were very young. i do not know whether this is a made-up story, a story to scare little kids or it's a passed down kinda belief. anyway, just to share.... my sister had ur experience before but only once in a very blue moon. from what i heard from her is: scientific explanation was she too stressed. non-scientific explanations were either she was sleeping directly under a spider on a web (a belief we had) or it's like wat u said spirit... for my family, we believe that if we sleep directly under a spider on a web, its shadow will make us feel an object directly laid on us which make us hard to breath n hence hard to move. honestly i do not hv such experience b4 n hence can't comment much n fyi, my sis did not find any spider on the ceiling directly above her bed. nonetheless, she changed her sleeping position, ie instead of laying flat on the bed facing the ceiling, she try to sleep sideways. the very last time she told me was dat she chanted religiously n the 'thing' left. somehow, i feel dat ur sleeping disorders shd b caused by ur stress n the sleeping position...hope u get well soon!
  4. hi anastasia, thanks for ur useful info. will explore around n know more... hopefully i managed to meet the minimum criteria to be eligible for the giveaways n interesting competitions. glad to know u n ayah for now...^^
  5. hi ayah, thank...err...what is F/R? sorry for being such a nerd...err...izzit this: facebook.com/meg.chan2 thanks n really sorry for any inconvenience caused. ^^
  6. Hi all, I m new here... actually found this website when i was searching on how to make the cute xmas poo in google.. actually i saw someone post in this website that she is giving away the xmas poo and hence i registered here. nonetheless after all the registration, i do not know how to go back to the topic and ask for the xmas poo...haiz...think i need more time to explore this website. meanwhile i shall try to make the poo myself loo~ T.T looking fwd to know more pet society frens. ^^ merry xmas n a happy new yr in advance!! :carol:
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