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  1. hey there people ... i missed this forum so much ... but now iam back ... i hope i can spend more time here with all ...
  2. SALWA ???????? I read this twice and still cant believe it ?????? no no no no its not you ??? what made you think of quitting ? i wanted to quit remember but you stopped me from doing this !!! and now YOU want to quit ???? iam really so saaaaaaaaad can you just take a break and then you come with a fresh start ???
  3. no worries honey ... i'll send your items and others soon ... my ps wont load like b4 ...
  4. Congratulations Jenni ... IAM SO HAPPY for you ... you deserve all the best in the world ... have a safe delivery dear ... now iam trying to have my 2nd baby after a miscarriage in January ... wish me luck hun
  5. sent you one japan snow globe buddy
  6. oh yes agne .. I love Green Tea as well ... i love it with a little of fresh mint
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