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  1. @pedja wawawwaw Lol is that program safe? i think i'll go with Aya. Yay lets try that petbook thing hehe @Aya that's very.. hahhaha so daring to play PS at working time, glad to know that he didnt fire you Be careful next time XD Oh pals.. i'm going to bed now ^^ hehe Goodnight! have a happy enjoyable chat! Cya tomorrow!! it was fun chatting with you two : ) Lets talk again next time ! 480
  2. O.O wow WOW there's such thing as that?? and really collects coins automatically? AMAZIIINNGGG! XD 475
  3. after a second thought... Pedja is right at that case i dont think there are many people who could hold the temptation of playing games Lolol xD Correcto, Aya!! but im watching the movie with my family...and it's not like they'll pause the movie to wait me finish typing hahahha 473
  4. whoaa that's a lot Aya! hehe yup! you should try that..it's fun,, well except to miss some glances of important scenes in the movie xD 470
  5. owh XD hehe okay i'll wish you lots and loads of goodluck on getting all the items you need!!
  6. hhahhaha that's really W.O.W,.. cool! i'm watching movies while going online xD can't focus on one thing too long 468
  7. oh i got Gakuran set .. i think you've owned one lol ^^ yup you're welcome! you shared me lots of stuff too! xD
  8. yup ;D i used to check from profile-topics being watched..but lately i've been too lazy to see the number of posts hahhaha 464
  9. Hiya..i would like to help Dixie too oh i got that Japanese School Uniform ,,but it's opened Im wondering if that will help?
  10. Heyaaa all!! Thanks Pedja.. and yup i'd be glad too if Aya can go online more often and chat with us more : ) @Earon my sister was waiting for you to do the trade at fb. where were you 159
  11. Oh that's okay, She'll wait for you to send the items first.. you can put your trust on my sister and me sorry about that, i hope you're okay with it >< 454
  12. oh she's sending it to you now.. =.= my sister is stingy ya know lol she's always like that xD dont tell her i said this. but she'll sure give you discounts if you were her friend,too bad you guys havent known each other yet Thanks Earon ^^ 452
  13. XD ya.. take it easy,there's no need to rush. my sis is going no where til 5.. ;D 450
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