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  1. ohh i see Okay i'm taking it for 999*2.. i've sent you a friend request, my name there is Quartz Zane. accept it kay ^^
  2. whoah really? aren't the things inside the MadHatter box have same resell price (299)?
  3. whoa.. D: not any cheaper?
  4. okay i'll check them sometime later.. and download the game if i found it interesting ;D Hey by the way.... do you notice anything Earon? 149
  5. YEA INDEED!! what are you doing now Earon? Do you play online Games? got any good ones to suggest? 145
  6. Zane Lacquer

    Trading :D

    Hello everyone, please help me out with these stuff: TABLE: Here are the things i am Searching for, make offers on price [not too expensive please, i don;t have much ^^"]: - Bundled up Scarf Teacups Decor Fancy Black and White Hat - Fish Bag Hat (i've got it) (i've got it) - Mon Petit Cheri Wig Mad Hatter Bundle Princess & the Pea Bundle LIST: Here are the things i would like to Sell/Trade: (3x) Orange Goldfish Bag, (3x) Pink Goldfish Bag, (1x) Black Goldfish Bag Pick 2 of any colors for 999*1 (2x) GumDrop Bunny for 999*1 each *** (2x) Caramel Bunny for 999*1 each *** (2x) CottonCandy Bunny for 999*1 each *** (x1) Sugarsweet Bunny for 999*1 each *** Wig Dye service: Coral Pink/Pearl Blonde/Ivory Blonde = 999*2 /wig Sweet Pink/Regal Pink/Plum Red = 999*1 /wig Dark Brown/Light Brown/Dark Ash Wig = 999*1 /wig Legend : *** you may also request me a trade with other items ATTENTION - Feel free to make offers and give advices if over priced or too low xD - If you are purchasing, please send me the items first. - If you are selling the items im looking for, please tell me. By the way, u can put your trust on me. Im NOT a scammer/cheater or anything along those lines ;D
  7. wow everyone around me, at home, school and even forum are talking bout this.. i watched the news in the TV and i feel sorry to hear this, i hope things will go better there
  8. Lol yes me too!! it is closer to our next chance of winning,.. the faster the better XD let's go for 141 !! ^^
  9. Hi everyone im glad that i could now participate this competition. it's currently my first experience and perhaps i kind of mess mine hahahahha XD
  10. i slept at 3 too and woke up at 9 this morning Lol! oh, Hello everyone! nice to meet you all here! by the way, if im not mistaken, i think Gabs made a typo in making the counts... i suppose it's 127 not 137 And.... i feel the same way like Gabs do : ) can't wait until the new theme shows up! 139 (or should we have it 129? i personally prefer to leave it off that way though XD)
  11. wew! Glad to hear it's allowed ^^ thanks for the info! (wow how many times have i said this you helped me a lot Lol)
  12. hoho aye aye,, thanks guys!! :') im touched XD P.S i did make some topics out of my questions. but at certain cases, for some reasons,.. no one seem to even noticed 110
  13. ^^ Okay!! and Congrats! XD hahhahah alright i'll keep in mind not to do that again.. Oh and about posting my drawing,, i'll try doing that over the weekend. I got to scan them first ^^ 107
  14. i got the same value, 333 coins too in my place O_O i thought that's the right price? Lol
  15. xD if it's true then.... i just BREAK the rule ^^" hahahha anyway please check your inbox.. i hust sent you a PM ;D 104
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