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  1. This is cool...! Hello Everyone @Pedja How are you? nice drawing : ) by the way i like to draw as well.. but i do it on a paper. i can't go with photoshop like you! xD Someone!! HIT IN ! take the 100! ;D yay!! 99
  2. Can anyone help me? I've been wondering whether or not we are allowed to trade CC items and its products (for example: the fishes in the bags from Net A Fish Stall)
  3. Oh wow cool! okay i'm taking the item ;D i'm sending you a friend request Thanks!!
  4. WHoa..!! cool, that never happened to me since i never really have many things xD try to post the items you no longer need. Some of us (count me in Lol) might be interested to trade/purchase those items. This way you could get rid of your full chest ^^
  5. lol i heard that next week's theme is Cinderella i can't wait until Monday comes hahahaha
  6. Wow this is cool! That's very generous of you Pedja! I would like to have 2x Buttercup Plushie and a Colorful Lucky Charm please Thanks!!
  7. XD lol That... i was planning to Bold the phrase, but changed my mind and only managed to delete the , leaving the closing code behind. the world should know the fact that i am.... [b]badly forgetful .. one more thing, im proud of being one Yeaaaahhhhhh (na! for real ;D it sent me into a bottomless pit hahhaha)
  8. Oh i see! this way i could take some days off without worries And about wig dye tables... there are 3 all in all so far, do you remember the time intervals between them [when one was released after another]? Are they constantly updated every certain period of time?
  9. Oh yes please !! oh hang on... before we proceed, i want to make sure something. Is there anything attaching on top of that table? or is it totally empty?
  10. Will the "Last Week in stores/One week only notice always be there before items are permanently removed? Or is it possible for items to be removed from shops without those notices? Please reply..Thanks!
  11. hoho okay that's pretty convincing xD oh i got a question popping up, it shall be posted around in a sec! :] cya there!!
  12. Aye ^^, and was a bit fail xD i forgot to delete that [/b] code hahhaha
  13. hi.. ! has the blue stars table on image #2 sold out?
  14. hohoho Glad to hear that.. and hold your words, don't ever think of running away! ROFL
  15. O.O [/b] Really? wow wow wow!! may be i gotta try that sometimes ;D lolzz
  16. hoho yeah indeed,, i'll be more careful with things next time ;D
  17. oh alright,, coming in a whileee! P.S im taking the Lamp only for the moment.. i just wasted my 999s to purchase some dolls xD so.. it's 3*999 alright? sorry for the trouble i'll tell you when i have gain some more 999s to purchase other stuff!
  18. oh! may be i'll just take the Blue penguin and lamp for now, dont have much 999s to spend lolzz so 7*999 in total? or any cheaper ?
  19. Oh! as well as the Blue and Pink penguins toooo!! hopefully.. those three items wont cost so much xD
  20. Hiya Pedja! im interested in your Coffin Lava Lamp. How much for that?
  21. Hi,, I really love this week's Theme but most of the things im aiming for needs playfish coins So here i am... looking forward to some trades on the MadHatter Bundle and other CC items with cheap prices Frankly speaking i don't have much but i'll try to pay it right..
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