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  1. XD hey i like drawing at the back of my note book too!! (and even on my history textbook until my teacher was like giving a what-the-heck-look at me and laugh hahahaha) 1. When bored.. A. and B. XD i draw more when bored though 2. What cartoons do you like more? A. Pokemon far better! 3. Your bestfriend... B. Girl ^^ yeah no prob.. see you around Earon 332
  2. that's great,.. what things do you usually draw? oh hey want to try a little change for some fun? Lets play 'Guessing' to get to know each other better! i don't have prizes for right answers but lets just try. Here's my question: 1. My Favorite color: A. blue B. green 2. My sibling: A. sister B. brother 3. Favorite food: A. spaghetti B. pizza 4. Book i read most: A. mystery B. fiction 5. Drink i prefer: A. juice B. tea 6. Genres i like: A. comedy B. fantasy 7. Favorite number: A. six B. nine 8. My style of greeting: A. hiya! B. yo! 9. My bestfriend..: A. a boy B. a girl 10. Thing i cherish: A. book B. cooking Try answering them please (A/B) and make your questions for me to answer hehe ^^ 330
  3. haha yeah! Oh forget about me leaving, i'll just change my plans and postpone it to tomorrow we'll make it 100% ! ; ) 326
  4. okay ^^ i'll try to make a go up to 350... im going somewhere after this,, i hope we'll make it before im leaving ;D 324
  5. wow that's a wonderful news CONGRATULATION! and good luck at the hospital, Oh i can't wait to see your baby picture XD
  6. hahhaha oh i have a problem here...i wonder if you could help me with this,, it takes so long for me to load pet society in my netbook. i've waited for about an hour but the game is still loading :/ is it not possible to play P.S on netbook? 310
  7. hehe Well, it's fun to chat with you and the rest! i wish i don't have to go to school tomorrow,so that i can spend my time here again (but hell no,my parents are going to kill me for skipping school again hahaha - i skipped Friday's classes xD) 304
  8. hoho thankyou! oh by the way, have you seen my Lacquer? he is now wearing the ghost dress you gave me 302
  9. @pedja: ohh wow okay..i'll try to check whether i have any 999s left to spend. i'll tell you my decision Asap btw how many units do you have now? still 5?
  10. Lol waw you really put some effort for competitions how many competitions have you held so far? 298
  11. hehe okay! wow the title of your topic is really eye catching and convincing XD i'll pray for you so that all your stuff will be sold out 294
  12. WOW really?okay tell me when you're done making the thread here...i want to look over them oh sorry for my late reply,,,u know, slow computer-- my harddiskis full hehe 292
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