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  1. I would charge a 999 item for it. but maybe we could trade either your Cute Pink Spider Plushie or 2 InStore items ghostly plushie and a painting in a canvass. Hope that's ok. sure thing! x) i'm sending you the pink Spideyyy!!
  2. oh okay sure.. By the way, my P.S acc is suspended at the moment due to some errors _ i think it's because i was receiving too many Box gifts or clicked 6/5 lost pets XD So i wouldn't be able to reply any notes in game, i'll be back again a couple hours though ^^
  3. Thanks for the advice Gabs.. i'll put some more effort on that... what makes it difficult is that she's always surrounded with other students and they seem like living in a different world. Two years ago i was one of them, i took a big part in the class too but no more now since my parents demand me to focus with my study. Also, i dont really go along with some of her friends. But anyway, once again thanks!
  4. Well,, i got this one friend, she's my classmate... We are both 16 this year and we've known each other for many years and our friendship used to be so strong. We share common hobbies and both of us had fun chatting and fooling around, making jokes and such in the class. We almost talked in the phone every night too. Anyway, i think i ever/still lay a crush on her - although im not sure. However that was like two years ago. I can't tell why we almost barely talk to one another face-to-face ever since. Right now we could only communicate through FB, online or SMS. Is this weird? Our relationship doesn't wear out but frankly speaking.. it's now dull for a bit. When we meet, she rarely started any conversation like she'd always do. On the other hand, i personally think that she has change a lot these past years.. The way she socialize with people and the kinds of friends she's making out with (by the way, she's a popular girl_got many friends in class, everyone loves her). I can't manage talking to her at school. These stuff make a bigger gap between us, making it more impossible for me to speak up to her. I've talked about this to her and she admitted it. She told me she found it kinda hard to talk to me face to face too.. I know we still could chat Online and things seem just fine there,.. But isn't this the thing that makes everything awkward? I mean.. yeah, well.. i hope you guys understand im desperate x( please help!
  5. the Hats!! the hats are cool as well as the Gate, Fence and Lamp post set and,, the color changing rose bush.. and,, the mad hatter tea party table.. and,, the shortcake.. and all ! oh my, im going crazy Lol
  6. oh im interested in your Purple Glasses with the whirling spirals on it XD i dunno what it is called Is it still available? if yes.. Can we do some exchange_with what item are you trading it with?
  7. i think u dont have any problem so just enjoy okay!! ;D
  8. yeah im on it now, oh do you know the maximum posts each person could make in 24 hours? just in case.. i don't want to break the rule and end up banned LOL :PP I removed the little .gif picture as it contained a link to a website. Gaia - Admin
  9. WHOAA!! i hope i could catch up the week and fulfill all the requirements before its closed XD
  10. sorry you can't take part in any competition and giveaway here before you are qualified as active member that mean that you are member for 7+ day and to have 20+ posts and 0.1 post per day ohh ouch T^T/ alright.. oh by the way How are you going to distribute the stuff? Are you guys all friends in Fb?
  11. Congrats! oh may i take part in this competition? i'm still new here, wondering if you'll let me.. if yes, i would like to have number 9
  12. whoa... i wish i could participate. but i'm new here and i haven't make posts up to 20+
  13. Hi everyone! I have some stuff to ask.. I saw the winners of competitions held on Best room of the week or something. Is it still on-going? How can i participate for this week's competition? Thanks!
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