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  1. @ Pedja cool! what i don't like from learning in youtube is the buffer too lazy to wait til it's done Oh hi Earon!! ^^ 215
  2. wow 2 years.. heyyy lend me your brain!! XD kidding kidding.. yeah you should be proud of it oh i made a comment on your drawings. and as others have said, they're amazing 207
  3. i got C3 but i can't use it to that extent, i only get them used to edit minor things like my sig and such hahahha 205
  4. Thanks yay i finally get something to win hhahaha Oh,im looking through those pictures now... hey i love your color blends,, And LOL!! the two monsters you drew are cute and Jelly-like XD What software or drawing program did you use to draw those monsters? 203
  5. wow cool i dont really have many activities, i go online much recently so i hardly have the time to draw XD i also read manga and watch anime at other times. Have you heard about those? 197
  6. yea agree with you, i like the previous one better But oh come on!! it isn't bad at all that's PRETTY!! how long have you been drawing? 193
  7. yeah right o_o .. curse you internet! oh pedja i think i cant post my drawings as requested this week, i'll start scanning them on monday and get them done next week Oh wow i hate doing my Math. Ah no, i can't even stand thinking of doing it. I just lose all the mood to study whenever at home hahahha! 191
  8. ohh Lucky you Hey is it my computer or what but i kept on re-loading this page but see no replies from you until the very seconds ago 189
  9. ^^ hehe yeah i hope i could at least win this one oh anyway have you ever sent a ticket to EA support? How long does it take for them to respond and solve your problem? 187
  10. Oh see you !! : ) XD No Way! Lol : ) it's fun to chat after all. Oh by the way sorry for my late replies, Bad internet connection ;P 185
  11. whoa thanks so much! I'll send you a friend request in a while.. oh perhaps it will take some time My internet is kind of slow today, can't even load PetSociety XD
  12. can i buy both teacups and fishbag for 999*3? ^^ and about the Mad Hatter Bundle... i dont have that much Lol
  13. Oh alright thanks guys!!! i'll try to work on that and check if i got any items that can make me money (lol) 177
  14. XD I often forget the number too and end up editing my posts pretty often Rofl Ah!! i'll try doing that But im not sure with the prices i should charge for the items, i don't usually sell ^^ lol 174
  15. i've played for more than 2 years but i always stop during the middle of the year up until next year XD yet i happen to play once in a while only 169
  16. LOL!! i like how that last sentence sounds you have helped us a lot by holding these competitions, i'll try hitting one of the winning numbers hahhaha sometimes im thinking how you guys even manage to afford payment of 5999s and such 167
  17. oh i just had my breakfast here ;D lol share me some of those Gabs! hahaha Ah Pedja, i guess your pet needs to pay a visit to my pet's house and learn some How-to-be-happy-of-being-a-Poor-Citizen. Lacquer is an expert on it XD 165
  18. cool!! that means that you got nice Gigantic wings to show all around the town XD
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