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  1. O_O wow Lol.... i've been wondering what those little signs were,, and even clicked some randomly! i thought it was something like to minimize and maximize someone's full post hahahhah!!
  2. okay .. get yourself ready! im gonna flood you with a bunch of questions!! hahhaha
  3. Glad to know that im not the only one hmm... Lol after thinking twice,, i shouldn't be glad for the trouble we all faced xD
  4. !! can't wait til it's changed lol
  5. ouch i wasnt reading carefully x_x i'll get that PM-ed
  6. woot thanks!! thats very much a load of help.. i would like to have it be changed into Zane Lacquer please : )
  7. My pet got stuck while digging in on of the Treasure Hunt sections When i clicked one of the plots. my pet dug it up as how it should be... but he doesn't stop! x_x Is this an error? what should i do? should i leave the digging area? And what action is best to take when similar problem attempts? please help
  8. Yup yup no problem,, and thanks for the like! oh Okay ^^ how could i tell whether i've gotten the right type of picture?
  9. thanks thanks Pedja! oh i took some shots of your pet too Lol : )
  10. Right! i've tried checking that as well, but usernames are fixed there so there's nothing i could do with it in the Profile settings i wonder if i really can't be changed
  11. Hi everyone is it possible? i made a typo in typing my username and i would like to fix it hahahha xP
  12. Oh guys it's now working,.. seems that the new Album should wait ; )
  13. @ spitfir3 & Mage: alright!! : ) i'll make a new folder for those pictures,, it worths trying oh by the way where can i change the setting so that the pictures will be stored into the new folder?
  14. oh im going off to bed now, cya tomorrow guys! : )
  15. RofL, i'll force you to accept and put me back into your friendlist again when that happens hahahaha LOL, I am looking forward for that... Maybe it will be a nice thing to see who's really are your friends, if they were really a friend, I am sure they will notice that you were missing on their list of friends.. and I try to re-add you, Thumbs up for you!! ^^
  16. wo0OT! the settings are right :/ hmm i wonder what happened oh by the way, i'm going off to bed now cya tomorrow ;D
  17. x_x i wonder if you're gonna kick me off your friend list someday Lol Hopefully not
  18. in Fb xD oh thanks, may be i should check my application settings ^^
  19. Hi ! im interested in dying my wig but some of you pictures from above are no longer viewable.. can you give me more details on the color please : ) ?
  20. kay kay ^^ oh here i posted a question in this link: http://www.petsociety.forumotion.com/t15205-uploading-picture-errors#415352
  21. Every time i took a shot and tried to share it in Fb, it won't show up! it says that there is an error in uploading, however no matter how many times i click "Retry, the same notice will pop up again after awhile. How to overcome these errors?
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