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  1. XD alright...thanks!! She'll be sending you f/r in a while... she's working at some of her school assignment or something at the moment I hope you dont mind waiting ^^ 446
  2. oh that's okay, take your time Earon ermm by the way =.= i think i'll ask my sis to get you a discount or something I personally think that she sets the price too high 444
  3. 5999 and 3333 would make a 9332, she takes it as 9*999... plus your 1*5999 you could always add her,or i'll tell her to send f/r? eh really? i made errors in numbering? o.o i was just typing what my sis said though 342
  4. Hi Earon i think my big sis can help you with that... : ) She's offering you 2*5999 and 1*3333 for that, how's it? @Pedja and Gabs ah sorry for my late replies.. im doing fine here ^^ got some error with computer... it wont update new posts although i re-load the page many times, i hate this computer XD 438
  5. Thanks again Pedja! ;D The next one to post will receive a gigantic homegrown sweetheart root : )
  6. Hello Gabs, heya Pedja! i agree with you guys, i can't wait for Monday to come too xD 434
  7. hehe sorry and thanks, i'm sending you the bundle and 5999 in a while.. so much!
  8. Yup..mermaid kingdom week rocks ^^hahhaha i will need to make my pet work harder this weekend and collect more money to spend on monday hey i think i'll turn my pet into a gay with the mermaid suit next week Lolzz 420
  9. yup What are you doing now? Oh have you heard of next week's new theme? There will be lots of nice items released : ) by the way i used to dress my boy pet like a girl XD @pedja hoho i can't wait to see your post !! lol 417
  10. Ah Goodmorning Pedja (its night here though xD) and Heya Earon, you forgot your number lol Woot...what surprise? 413
  11. Hello everyone! Its been a while since i chatted here... wow we're already at 400s now! oh! Congrats Gabs! : ) 408
  12. Thankyou The next one to reply my post will receive gumdrop, caramel and cottoncandy Bunnies
  13. Thanks for the offer Aya! oh by the way are you sure the opened madhatter bundle is still gift-able? um here it is.. im really short of money since i wasted them on CC too well, i got a Gakuran Uniform Bundle. i would be glad if i could purchase your Madhatter for Gakuran bundle plus a 5999 > (omg sometimes i've been thinking how you guys earn so much money XD)
  14. yeah but i think i dont much to pay you right at the moment hehe i just wasted my belongings and money for this week's items xD
  15. Hello Tromo : ) wow spring.. x_x i really wish i could experience all the four seasons, i only have months which are either rainy or sunny during the year. i hope you could get a camera soon! Oh i'd be glad if you would like to post some of your shots here ^^ hehe
  16. ~.;.~.;.~ATTENTION~.;.~.;.~ Hello everyone..! If anyone wishes to exchange his/her other set of bundle with this Gakuran Bundle please tell me..! THANKYOU
  17. depressed, got some problems but i got to keep myself cheerful here XD yea i wonder who will win it this time ^^ 347
  18. TO: Gabs Hi Gabs! thanks for accepting the friend request. Im sending the 999*3 now.. : )
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