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  1. Sounds like a good plan to leave then. Those stipulations are ridiculous! As for what I am doing right now, I am recovering from helping my best friend get married!
  2. I agree! I made my husband join too. I'm not spending any yet, just trying to earn them at the moment. I have a feeling it would get to easy to keep spending cash on all the cute items. I have started on the trophies. I am very happy to say that I got the ball and jump rope up to 12, but I can't even get 2 on the frisbee.
  3. I'm sorry to hear that. Are there no indoor cats at the shelter? Have you looked at rescue/adoption sites in the area?
  4. I love a good Hot Pot! My favorite dish, however, is still a good sushi roll.
  5. I wish I had taken pictures, but I made cake pops to look like the chick balloon for a friend's birthday.
  6. Or is anyone else having problems with "earning" pet society cash. For the past week I haven't been able to select any of the offers. I'm about to break down and just spend the money. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
  7. kaidoll

    My new hobby

    I'll send you our weather any time. It hasn't rained in weeks! Nothing but bright, sunny, and HOT! All of my flowers are withering.
  8. Thanks Lucky Strike! I'm having a lot of fun with the game! (Though looking at some of the older items, I wish I had joined sooner...)
  9. Glad to hear that all worked out. I hate hassling with the pharmacy.
  10. kaidoll

    My new hobby

    That sounds like a great time!
  11. I was attempting too sleep, but my husband is all jumpy. Looks like it is the couch for me! Sasha, are you a teacher?
  12. Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I'm looking forward to hanging out in this forum!
  13. I'm currently re-reading Insatiable, by Meg Cabot. The second book in the series comes out in July, so I need a refresher on what happened. The thing I love about Meg Cabot is the books are just as good the second, or 10th time around!
  14. I just started playing about 2 weeks ago, after getting an invite from a friend. Lets see, Virani loves to visit friends and send gifts daily. She tries to help people with items they want, or just looking after other pets. She also likes to hunt for treasure, when she is not too busy changing her wardrobe that is.
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