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  1. Tak laku nak jual, banyak yang tak minat, yang minat x minat bayar.....
  2. It has been a while for me to upload my new garage photo.. enjoy!
  3. Finally got time to update my garage, Here it go
  4. Got , Desmond will provide fresh from toilet!!!
  5. Member from HWCM, specially from JB. I will holding a gathering at my house next week July 14. Purpose is to sell some of my collection. Please bring your own boxes and write down ur name, and take the cars u want, of course payment can be later. *please not to bring our own collection, to prevent confusing* For member from other state, of course u can ask JB member to take car for u, or u can pm me wa u need. Please be generous to offer me for the precious item...
  6. After today gathering.. we have a plan on next gathering VENUE & DATE.. Venue: ADRIAN'S HOUSE Date: 14/July/2012 Saturday Time: 8PM Onwards Purpose: To Show & Sell some of the collection P/S: Bring your own boxes write down your name & choose what u want. KIV stuff 1st, payment after.
  7. Thanks the poison from Hokuan... He really hurt my wallet HARD!!!
  8. Got to support my own brand .. But i lack of a McLaren SLR....can anybody help?
  9. Origin made in England by Lesney. Even the packaging design look like the Matchbox
  10. Recently have a trip to KL... get amazed and poisoned by this SIKU brand... specially these Construction or Farmer set.. quite a detail diecast.. plan to have more of these collection...
  11. here comes the pic... for the long long wait... and special thanks to Daniel, proud to have his master piece as my collection. Thx Bro.
  12. Bukit indah having a Member day for the pass week, i got a call from other Jusco branch, trust, i am not the insider, as when the fella call me, means that he already whack all the great stuff and as me to go and buy the left over......
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