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  1. ejat

    Ejat Garage Clearence

    i'm sorry iceliu..item oredi sold..
  2. ok..racun is on it's way
  3. ejat

    Ejat Garage Clearence

    yalor..dat one yang lama punya..now balance from old item sale mix wif new item
  4. when la can i tambah my 1:18 collection nice FairladyZ 380RS btw masterloada..showla somemore
  5. ejat

    Ejat Garage Clearence

    hey..thanks man for buying. thanks oso for bring me to cham stall, without ur help i won't be able pass item to him.. BUMP
  6. alololo..jangan la menangis..demn la those thief but u said u're fetching fren? how could ur fren did this to u..he's a collector oso?
  7. bro..price please for nissan boxset?? tq..
  8. how he made the sky n cloud effect?? very nice indeed..
  9. iya, saye sokong..WOWZERS!!!
  10. masterloada, GTR boxset please..how much?
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