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Everything posted by Hotwheels

  1. so nice ler, hunting for tht evo x T_T
  2. waaaaaaaahhh very nice 5 pack ferrari
  3. wooo hooo new ferrari again, can ask my bro buy liao.
  4. bro, post the 2 pictures i send u just now.
  5. yeah can feel we are stronger already.
  6. i think your bro bz with his work. he didnt turn up.. next friday sure i'll force him to come hmmm next friday chinese new year... ahahaha balik kampung.
  7. wah hope i can go too:( hmmm my brother got go ???
  8. wah very nice cars i like the flintstones one.
  9. Happy Birthday titaniumboss. hehehehe. i will buy more hotwheels for you
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