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  1. selling hw from my own personal collection,need money because barang semua naik harga please take a look, maybe theres something to your liking hehehe.......tq for looking.... -all items have their own fixed price -buyer bear postage rm12 (my location kota kinabalu),local buyer can c.o.d at inanam industrial park -item condition...what you see is what you get, no hanky panky -serious buyer please pm me for the price....once again SERIOUS BUYER ONLY!!! -i'll post the item within 1-2 days after money transfer completion and tracking no. will be provided once item done shipping treasure hunt$ lot.....each item CAN be bought separately fairlady z's lot.....can't buy separately ghostbusters+vw fastback combo set batman tv show+vw fastback combo set honda civic lot.......can't buy separately
  2. at last here's the new skyline hakosuka pic we've been waiting for, jnc decals is on the car itself, for full article please go to the link provided full article http://japanesenostalgiccar.com/2011/05/18/hot-wheels-x-jnc-hakosuka-nissan-skyline/#more-15627
  3. tq for the best wishes bro danielh and bro loon
  4. what to do bro, need the money to buy other important stuff
  5. letting go 1:64 initial d volume 1 limited edition set *rare, pls pm your offer,highest offer takes the crown...theres a closing price for fast deal, tq. rm10 postage...
  6. very nice custom, even have a driver figure inside, first time saw a custom with a figure inside
  7. yup bro hassan, just simple misunderstanding fueled by rage.... for me, case closed, so no retaliation anymore from me....unless provoked....peace
  8. and you have so much time to research about me, very keyboard warrior of you bro, i'm flattered by the way... since when did i claim myself to be a holyman? pls give me evidence that i've ever claim that...tq i just type ...ceweknya ganteng sebab makan jamu....is it downgrading, or just a compliment... about the p ramlee avatar, you have no solid s#it to throw at me now you want to make my avattar an issue, come on la bro, p ramlee is my idol, you think i don't know anything about respecting the dead. ok let me tell you in bm, tidak salah saya pakai avatar p ramlee, dalam islam cakap bila org dah meninggal jgn mainkan lagu atau filem mereka, tapi setakat pakai gambar biasa takde hal, lagipun gambar lukisan jer pun, bukan gambar mayat p ramlee k, and don't misunderstand this statement, not trying to be aholy man aaa about xebec, yes i acknowledge that i was wrong, because frustrated with some people i've done business from his country went bad,i lepas marah at him, sorry bro xebec and you say give you one strike, aiseyamn bro, kita tngah main boling ker...hehehehe one more thing, kenapa nak marah when i say this post is lame, you try to defend yourself by trapping me with my old post but in the end you look stupid for not understanding the simple meaning of downgrading and simple drooling compliment, and the way you try to attack my use of pramlee pics as avatar,is pretty pathetic and downright bulls#it!!!! you use an eightball logo as an avatar, does that mean you hisap ganja??? is that it... keep cool bro, for me this is a simple misunderstanding k...i apologise for my kesilapan menyinggung hatimu , but if you still want to attack me, let us begin w
  9. if you think you have not done anything wrong, why "sentap" bro eight...what does downgrading a makcik got to do with drooling over bikini girls, seiously i don't get it....your logic is flawed
  10. s#it cham! one of the coolest&original custom idea you've done so far!! very nice.
  11. nowadays a lot of people think its funny and cool making fun of others, lame thread btw
  12. mesej peribadi dihantar ke box anda....
  13. those are damn nice sneakers...wish i have one.... i only wear converse old school design to work
  14. ceweknya ganteng sebab byk makan jamuuu dongs.....
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