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  1. Hi guys, Im letting all this go at a special price, if you are interested, PM me and will tell you the price. Place to COD will be at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. Im selling this bunch first ( contact: 012-3976040 ) Bundle: Hotwheels Racing Bundle: Hotwhees Racing Bundle: 2 Nissan Z ( Gold and Silver ) 2 Mini ( SOLD ) Bundle: 4 Superbird Single: nissan Z and Delorean Bundle: Stingray Single:Tooned Series Bundle: VW Bundle: TAT Rods ( Reserved ) Bundle: Camaro Series
  2. yeah man, all of us are going to be broke
  3. yeah bro, there is another one at the shelves but the card kinda ripped.., since the new waves are coming out soon, there will be plenty for all bro
  4. hey bro, yeah, long time no see lah, busy with work... really lost track of the hotwheels range now.., but slowly picking up back
  5. this models are really hard to find..., really got to be like a kid and ransack then whole shelves
  6. hi bro, which cars you looking for? maybe i can find it for you
  7. Dammit, I was in uptown yesterday!! But it was raining rivers, so couldn't cross the street. ha ha, bro, rain or shine, still got to try your luck, hehe...
  8. Was walking around 1 utama new wing and decided to do my grocery shopping at cold storage, knowing of the lack of re-stocking the hotwheels at the shelves, i just went to have a look and found 5 of this cars.... wanting to ask you all, are the 2010 wave appearing at the shelves now? Or just a teaser ? Oh yeah guys, saw a yellow ferrari F430 and a Red modena with racing decals, so go try to find em yea..
  9. thanks bro, like i told kukubeh, went to buy cigi, saw it on the shelves, ha ha
  10. 7 eleven uptown bro, just went there to buy cigi, saw it on the shelf yo bro, when you free to collect your ferari?
  11. 7 eleven uptown bro, just went there to buy cigi, saw it on the shelf
  12. thanks bro, really took alot of time to collect all of them, oh yeah, in the picture forgot to insert 2 more muscle cars, he he
  13. Hi all, i recently completed all the muscle car collection and it paid off, all the 7 elevens, Giant, Tesco, Carefour and other department stalls i covered in a month. Really went to all places. Also i found two 2010 HW premier cars, both Ford Shelby GT500 ( one old 69 fastback and one mustang ). 181 & Corvette Stingray Old meets New.. muscle cars..., woooooo
  14. hey bro, i want to get one yellow roger dodger can?
  15. wei, thanks for the cheer, yalor, ive been busy with work leh
  16. how come some comes with rubber tires some not? sigh
  17. wahh, rob kah, might else well go to the HQ leh
  18. hey bro, why not try another one, do like the car from Gone in 60 seconds?.\, suire look cools
  19. ktjs

    HWC Sneak Peeks

    i want all... cannot wait
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