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Everything posted by smorkle

  1. flowers live under the earth (getting more tired. my sentences are not making sense!) SENSE
  2. the ice reeked every day. DREAMS
  3. my elephant must be eating roosters! (??) WAITING
  4. she is clearly kind! moderator
  5. hee hee. funny! Happily Abegail thought earnestly. PORTAL
  6. special people really are young BUBBLES
  7. piggy ate up sour eggs! PIGGY
  8. come on...it's not that hard of a word...ok, it is kind of.. i'm going to change my word to..... WORD
  9. your piggy dolly is a real pig. it will eat everything in your home and leave you with nothing. darn pigs!! i wish for an aladdin oil lamp.
  10. oh my! cheapo! haha jk. your terra cota pots will really be made of dung. dung pots...that's what you are really wishing for. i wish for a washing machine.
  11. you pet will talk so much it won't be able to do anything else. talk talk talk...that's all it will do. wish for glass flutes.
  12. ur monster couch will eat you up and all your frenz that come to visit and sit on ur couch. i wish for a golden apple.
  13. hi hi!! welcome back steve! glad to hear you had a great vacation!!!
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