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Everything posted by smorkle

  1. your lime juice will not refresh you. it will make you more and more and more thirsty!! i wish for candy cane.
  2. mimozi, you are so funny!! the lava lamp will be full of real lava. it will be so hot, you won't even be able to get near it to enjoy it. what a tease!! i wish for a floral hat.
  3. your dragon doll will come to life and singe all the hairs off your pet. your pet will be all skin! *eww* i wish for a sun face plaque
  4. your watermelon will only contain seeds! you will have watermelons growing from your stomach. i wish for a yummy lime juice!
  5. oh my!! your chili will be supppper spicy and you'll start breathing fire! i wish for a princess pink rug.
  6. your colorful guitar will only play your least favorite songs. it will never be music to your ears. wishing for new bubble chair
  7. your hot tub will never get hot and you will be cold all the time!! *brrrrr* i wish for the new suitcase.
  8. OMG i love them all so much!!!!! *jumping up and down* i want them ALLLLL!!!!!!
  9. congrats glow!!! i'm still looking through the threads. i've lost an eye but the other one is still working...twitching, but working!
  10. sad to have missed tonight's quiz night. i'm sure everyone had a blast!!! it would be fun if some of the funny questions and answers could be posted so we can see and laugh at them too...
  11. Found them all?? :O found 11 ^^ been finding the whole day already! i think for 8 hrs! 8 hours!!!!! :shock: it took me 2 seconds to find a whole....ONE! *clap clap* now i can't find anymore and have to go to bed :evil: this is fun!!!! nite nite all!!!
  12. fun times at the quiz on monday night. sorry i'm going to have to miss thursdays! have a great time everyone and good luck with the questions!! steve - like the new siggy/avatar!
  13. the 12G I-POD will only play music that you hate!! pinata
  14. the spooks will come out of the lamps and haunt you forever! candy corn
  15. jesse eats live larvas occasionally SENTENCE
  16. nice job steve!!! thanks!! oooohhhh *drooling*
  17. bump bump TURKEY is still the word
  18. ummm...please state a wish. the game has come to a halt!
  19. some trainers are mean people! TURKEY
  20. your green rug will stain your feet green and make it look like you have fungus feet!! chili peppers
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