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  1. Thank you so much for the black cat dolly! :blackcat: Smorkle LOOOOOVES her sooooo much!! She will take extra fantastic care of her because she is from you!!! Thanks again!!!
  2. OMG! this is unreal *squealing* *jumping up and down* THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! :bom: i'm going to blow my top!!
  3. wow steve! best giveaway ever!! my only wish has always been a :blackcat: black cat dolly :blackcat: . that is all. a wish granted! add me via Facebook, Please put your forum username in the message (otherwise it will be declined!)
  4. the bird inside your cage will turn on you and throw you into the cage. see how that makes you feel! i wish for a red guitar!!
  5. BAHAHAHAHA!!! :lol!: thank u for putting our masterpiece together!!
  6. look onto the infinite owl now helicopter
  7. your maypole will be full of termites and they will eat the rest of the furniture in your cute little house. you will end up with a house full of saw dust and termite droppings!! i wish for brick wallpaper.
  8. does anyone need green eggs, red owls, ugly shoes? (ok, that was bad..sorry...and it's a question..my bad) caterpillar
  9. the witches hat will turn your skin green and you'll grow a large mole on your nose. then you'll find yourself constantly singing songs from the musical wicked. i wish for a coo coo clock. (sorry, just joined the game. tried to read though most but not all.... hopefully i won't be repeating anybody else's ill remarks! :-P)
  10. the race attracted cheerful teams of rats STANKBOT
  11. hee hee. i pm'd u about the "voice". i would like to be "a voice" :-))))))
  12. waiting of GG to come back with a word...
  13. LOL, you should just say it...come on...*chanting* do it do it do it do it!! :lol!:
  14. wOw steve, paw radio is so cool. wOw steve, you are way cool! +++ added!!
  15. swimming under merry mermaids echoing rumors VADER!!
  16. every night Gino looks into sparkling heavens HEAVENS
  17. ...you forgot to pick a word glow...
  18. come over my pretty underdressed teenage earthling rebel HOLIDAY
  19. i'm not chinese either, i'm korean, but i love bao! yum yum yummmers!!!
  20. OMG! I love it Fit! f/r sent! will send gmbs asap as soon as we are frenz!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! rep added!!!!!
  21. sometimes one must eat tiny insects munching each slowly! california
  22. Thank you so much! Here are a few pics Pet's name: Smorkle Likes: flowers, outdoors, black cats, butterflies, birds! Colors: any bright cheerful colors or pretty pastels
  23. i would be more than happy to trade with you but how do we trade from myspace to facebook? i'm sorry if i sound confused. also, i rec'd 1 f/r from someone last night but can't tell if that's u or not cuz i don't know your name or pet name... i get f/r from random ppl all the time please let me know. thanks!!
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