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  1. hi gaia! i'd like to be a safe trader referee if you have space for more. please let me know.
  2. thanks for your application hun, i would be very pleased to issue you a Safe Traders Badge, u shall recieve it any minute, congrats hun! xx :biggrin: : yay!!! thank you so much!!! *takes a bow* hee hee hee
  3. ok, i made the request and put her under my favorites so i can find her gotta go for now. see ya later! lmk about what steve says about the badges :biggrin: :
  4. hi hi fit!!! crohunter has opened up the very first club here at PSFC and we need a new siggy for our club!!! we were thinking a GMB with the letters "BAC" popping out the top like a jack-o-lantern. it should be fairly small so we can stick it in our siggies with our own personal siggy. and if you want to add other fun stuff on it that is cool too. or if you have a better idea, please let me know. BAC stands for BOX ADDICTED CLUB! hee hee!!! thanks!!!
  5. i'm having a really hard time finding fit's store. any idea? i'm still searching...
  6. ok i will request from fit and take care of payment. no sweat. as for the colors, whatever you choose is fine. use my paw pounds for it too. let steve know that this post here is my official ok that you have permission to use my PP
  7. ok, but what kind of siggy do you want it to look like? is the idea with the GMB with BAC coming out of it ok with you or do you want something different?
  8. what colors do you want? you think we should do the 3 colors of the boxes. like crohunter
  9. sweeeet! hee hee. i saw u in the chat too. i went back. we were playing tag! lol ba ha haha
  10. maybe it can be a gold box with the letters "BAC" popping out of it like a jack-in-the-box or.....
  11. here you are. oops i was in the chat box. hee hee i see what you mean. then let's have fit make us a small siggy we can put into our own siggies. kind of like what you have now.
  12. very very grool (great + cool) ba ha haha!! grool grool grool!!!
  13. I would like to nominate myself for a Safe Traders Badge: PSFC Forum Name: smorkle Playfish Forum Name: smorkle Facebook Name: jeanie park hamamura Pets Name: smorkle Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=782303069&ref=name Trading links: /facebook-trading-f2/please-close-piggy-out-of-coins-t891.htm?highlight=please+close+++piggy+out+of+coins all 7 trades are in this one thread. and thank you again for your help!!
  14. hi gaia. i'd like to be one too... as soon as i can figure out the whole link thing for my trades :tuktuk:
  15. bumping so mangoberri can list her word.
  16. we eagerly ignited real dynamite! ANGRY (at ps cash!) and ANGRY is my word.
  17. i'm really glad that we have these angry emoticons to use!!
  18. thanks for the heads up on the new mb items. hard to get excited when with the new cash store lurking about.
  19. hee hee. i see we are both still on! such addicts! ba ha haha! i know! argh argh argh!! i totally just ran out of coins and have to go back to opening gmbs to make some money! errrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! i think i'm about to get weak and buy some ps cash. the stuff in the cash store is so cute. no! must stay strong!
  20. the new items are out! there is a new store but it is a CASH ONLY store! argh! argh argh argh!!! :ranting2: :ranting: :girl_cray2: :JC_doubledown:
  21. serious people ignore crazy yodelers. SCHOOL
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