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  1. smorkle

    This is SAD

    lol!! bonjour Ink! i speak a little...very little, but i do...so don't be sad.
  2. your "lucky penny" will be the last coin you will ever get. turns out, it costs too much to get. by then you'll be wiped out except for you last penny...the luck y one. i wish for a red bubble chair.
  3. no pink chair yet sorry! still working on getting last weeks items. bad luck with GMBs right now.
  4. well, i hope someone here is able to grant your wish. good luck!! :friends:
  5. I have a caffettiera you do??? I do add me on facebook and will happily send f/r just sent. thank you so much! i'm sorry i have zero christmas items is there anything else that you'd like??
  6. smorkle makes old raccoons kill little elves :-O Inkllicious
  7. LOL so the word is still me...ha ha, I mean SMORKLE
  8. your email will turn into groundhog day. you will get the same email over and over and over and over....and over again. never a new email. just the same one. i wish for different music on PS.
  9. wow, so many wishes made AND granted!!! i just wanted to add another item to my list since my first item is most likely ungrantable. wishlist: Old mirror or Caffettiera
  10. how very exciting. welcom dj p.p i'm sad to say that at that hour (2130 gmt) i will be sound asleep. you guys are going to have a great time!!
  11. a button? like the kind on clothes?? well, these buttons will always fall off and you will be exposed leaving you nekkid!!! wish to live in kitchener and be a stalker!!!
  12. hi imastar. please choose one item from the cash store. i will grant that wish for you omgosh thankyou could i plz pick the dark wood country cabinet thankyou very much x sending now
  13. it'll be even better after we get our club siggy!!!!!
  14. hi imastar. please choose one item from the cash store. i will grant that wish for you
  15. Hi Smorkie, is that the round mirror that you are referring to? I'd seen it in the database only and not in any of my friend's houses. Must be rare. I really want any valentines day stuff or Halloween. I started playing in April so I missed them all. But any surprises will be good. sorry, i stepped away for a bit and left my computer on. wasn't ignoring you i'm well thank you. tired! yes, the round mirror.
  16. i think so. yeah yeah! it is 5am-ish their time now we are safe to wish!!! i wish for a.....an old mirror!! what do yo wish for mango?
  17. hee hee. i think it is time now. steve said after midnight...
  18. i can't wait till we get our new club siggies!!! fit is going to make us something really great!!!
  19. Hiya Smorkle, yes we still have spaces available you have all the qualifications needed so i will issue your safe trading referee badge shortly Gaia xx YIPEEE!!!! thank you gaia!!! i loooover my new badge!!!
  20. hi hi dear... haha... BAC club? i'm sure all of our forum members wil join in (we're all BAC)!!!! let me see wat i can come out wif k, will keep u posted can't wait!!! very excited!!! :biggrin: :
  21. okay, i read the newsletter. thanks for sending that to us steve. very nice!!! can't wait for this weekend. will miss quiz night this thursday ((( have fun you guys!!
  22. hee hee. i just saw that. that is funny!
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