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Everything posted by smorkle

  1. waht?!? BAC gone! NO! NO! NO! NEVER! but if it were, i would cry and cry for daayyys!!! then create BAC part deux! what if PS started to charge just to play the game?
  2. ohhh, can't wait! when do you think it will be open?
  3. we would be bored and twiddle our thumbs some more. what if it only rained all the time?
  4. loveitloveitloveitloveitloveitloveitloveitloveitloveitloveitloveitloveitloveitloveit did i mention... love it? hee hee hee!
  5. i would buy a large sombrero and wear it all the time to hide my nest of a head. what if you had 2 left feet? i mean really a pair of left feet only...
  6. imastar, nice new siggy and avatar. so cute!!
  7. question: what happens to the threads that get locked? do the admins come by one day out of the month and collect them all in a basket and toss them? just asking cuz after we ask them to close a thread, i notice that even though it has a lock on it, it still hangs out for a while. just curious.
  8. dogs in sand are sitting targets eating rats. MODERATOR
  9. hahaha good question. I'm also concerned about that!! i don't like the way that Playfish games are taking. (Now there's a market in RC to buy ingredients, I fear soon the impossiblity of getting some items/ingredients without cash ). really? they are asking for real money in RC too? wow!
  10. i like PS games but are they going to charge us for that too??
  11. getting irritated really affects fragile feelings emotionally. ANGRY
  12. the penguin doll will leave tiny penguin droppings all over your house and fill it with flies. gross! and, it will eat all the food in your house while you are sleeping and you will lose all your nis food! i wish for a job.
  13. cro - i like your new siggy! very VERY nice!!
  14. i nominate Glow. she is so sweet and always available to help anyone out. she also grants peoples wishes and is very generous!
  15. yes i saw that! very nice touch!! just FYI everyone~ Fit made our club siggy for FREEEE!!! if you'd like to send her a "thank you" gift, please feel free to do so.
  16. sorry, i had to leave for a few...many hours. i see imastar got her siggy to work. yay! cro~ can you help kasijab with her siggy? i'm not sure how to help her. i'm not very good at this stuff....thanks!!
  17. BAC club siggies are available for all members to use. Thank you to everyone who have participated in designing new and fun siggies for our club! If you have a fun siggy for our club, please PM them to me. If selected, I will send you a special gift! Original BAC Siggy by Fit: Code:[img]http://i89.servimg.com/u/f89/13/79/05/05/bacclu10.png[/img] I <3 mbs by PixPix Code:[img]http://i69.servimg.com/u/f69/13/79/05/05/bacsig10.png[/img] BAC, it's like magic by Paige<3 Code:[img]http://i69.servimg.com/u/f69/13/79/05/05/wiz1210.png[/img] Misery Box by GeminiZA: Code:[img]http://i89.servimg.com/u/f89/13/79/05/05/misery17.jpg[/img][/url] Are You Addicted by Lazar: Code:[img]http://i19.servimg.com/u/f19/13/79/05/05/ddd3sn11.gif[/img] Code:[img]http://i19.servimg.com/u/f19/13/79/05/05/ddd3sn10.gif[/img] Code:[img]http://i19.servimg.com/u/f19/13/79/05/05/bacbac10.gif[/img] Code:[img]http://i66.servimg.com/u/f66/14/76/17/76/10.jpg[/img] Box Addicted Club siggy by Spitfir3: Code:[img]http://i69.servimg.com/u/f69/13/79/05/05/bacsig10.jpg[/img] got bac? siggy by Mage lvl8 Code:[img]http://i39.servimg.com/u/f39/13/79/05/05/got_ba10.jpg[/img] Halloween Siggies by Mamashishi: Code:[img]http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/1066/bacbat.png[/img] Code:[img]http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/6527/bacjack.png[/img] Christmas Siggies by Mamashishi: Code:[img]http://i89.servimg.com/u/f89/13/79/05/05/bacred11.png[/img] Code:[img]http://i89.servimg.com/u/f89/13/79/05/05/bacgol10.png[/img] Christmas Siggy Contest Winner: By Smut Code:[img]http://i99.servimg.com/u/f99/13/79/05/05/image-10.jpg[/img] Christmas Siggy Contest Winner: by Pedj@94 Dixy Code:[img]http://i99.servimg.com/u/f99/13/79/05/05/pedj9410.gif[/img] BAC Christmas Box by Smorkle Code:[img]http://i69.servimg.com/u/f69/13/79/05/05/bac_co10.jpg[/img]
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