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  1. Hi guys, I'm currently looking for carded Aventadors (Orange colour). What I have for trade: PM me if you have extras, help a brother! Thanks.
  2. UPDATE Individual sales of any car is now available. Purchase 6 cars, free one display hook. ACT NOW!
  3. C6R is nice! Congrats on your haul!
  4. Yg ni susah nak cari bro, kena selongkar supermarket punya delivery area. Biasanya dorang buang lepas gantung item promo. At the moment aku tak jual display hook ni, sorry ye Moga2 hang dpt cari display hook ni semasa hunting trip ke Giant/Tesco/Jusco.
  5. Hi everyone! It's good to be back Been hibernating for quite some time as I was busy focusing on my studies and now I'm heading to the US this August. Hence, I'm currently downsizing my collection and focus on certain castings only. I have the below sets to clear, PM me for price. Every set comes with a FREE loose car . Buyer pays postage. Cars will be wrapped and packaged with care , I will not be liable for any damage done by postage service. COD available at The Summit Subang USJ. Spoiler: Besides this sales post,I am currently looking to trade for carded Go-Kart, any series, any year (except the green 2008 model which I already have). Trade can be one-to-one or by set (choose from below), semua boleh dibincang SET A Ford Focus SOLD SET B SET C SET D SET E SET F SOLD SET G ACR Red and White SOLD SET H SOLD SET I Corvette and StingRay SOLD SET J SET K SET L SET M Gallardo and Murcie SOLD Spoiler: SET N Politia and Murcie SOLD SET O Gallardo and Murcie SOLD Speed Machines, sold separately. SOLD OUT For every purchase of three sets and above, you'll receive a display hook (holds up to 12 cars) for FREE! Display hooks are limited to 4 pieces only, act now! Thanks for looking
  6. I guess it's my part of the story now. First of all, I acknowledge that I am at fault because I did not inform Cham earlier, before I left for Czech. I made him reserve the car for more than two weeks since I was in Czech and I appreciate his patience. The reason why I told him I do not want the car anymore after coming back from Czech is mainly because I do not have the financial capabilities to purchase the car from him at the moment, and thus I turned down the deal, not wanting him to reserve it for me any longer till I have extra cash. Cham gave me the method of settling this dispute, and I chose to purchase the car from him with the money I have saved by sellin of part of my collection. However, when I told him I want to settle it this way, and I'll meet him at the gathering, he THREATENED me to never come to th gathering again. I am willing to settle this once and for all and forget about it, but are you? I'm not sure how true this is, but he also told me: "I went to amcorp. Other collectors say why lah you trade with ferraririzer. They already blacklist you." If there is a list, I would love to know why I am on it. A man can only improve by learning from his mistakes. Those who I have offended, please do pm me. On a lighter note, I have met some really nice collectors and done good trades with them. Both parties were willing to compromise with each other and everyone was happy. P.S: The custom was made beforehand by Cham before selling it to me. It wasn't upon request.
  7. Bump. More stuff coming soon. Selling cheap, clearing my Hotwheels.
  8. Updated. Items to be cleared ASAP.
  9. FYI, I just got back from Czech yesterday. Kalau nak meet up, tomorrow at gathering.
  10. Kena dapatkan monyet to panjat... Now siapa ada monyet boleh pinjam? Ahahaha... Seriously, no one has a flag?
  11. Okay, this might sound kinda last minute, it is. I need to pinjam a BIG Malaysia flag, those yang fans Harimau Malaya guna at stadium. I need it by tomorrow afternoon as I'm going overseas for a conference (not on football btw). Can just meet up anywhere in Subang or best still, KLIA . I'll try to catch some 2011 waves over there and RAOK whoever that pinjam me the flag Thanks in advance! Make Malaysia proud!
  12. It's great to have you back Nice haul, love the 350Z
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